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Darklord – Episode 5

Content Warning: consensual sexual violence Darklaw Episode 5 intersects with Demonrise Episodes 14-20 KAMI’S BARE FEET pressed against cold stone. Her right hand touched the wall in rhythm to each step before she paused to…


In the Shadows of Gods – Episode 3

Contradictions and conflict were part of the bargain. Avestine knew the game well, but no one played it better than Kami, if only because Kami didn’t think of it as a game.


In the Shadows of Gods – Episode 2

She would have Rook and Kami back as they should be: obedient and using their gifts for her benefit. She would send the gods from the world. She would send them to hell.


In the Shadows of Gods – Episode 1

She closed her eyes at the memory of insects devouring her men. She didn’t want to think of it, but she had to put this idea in Kami’s head. She shook off her disgust.


Dark Witch

Dark fantasy erotica | What was I missing? They went up and over. I went up and over. The forest yawned to the south behind me as I stood on the rise my friends had…


The Green Hour

Lesbian erotica | Literary Contemporary | Longing for what you can’t have is like suicide, a loss of hope, but I was too practical for that. Besides, I knew she wasn’t what she appeared to…


Alter Christus – Episode 2

Published at Erotica Readers and Writers Association Treasure Chest |Copyright © 2005 Teresa Wymore. All Rights Reserved. | Erotic romance | Contemporary M/F | *** Seven parishioners were in the rectory’s den when Duncan arrived…


Alter Christus – Episode 1

Maggie brushed her palms across the gray hair above Duncan’s ears. She cherished the contrast between his boyish barber cut and his bristly old-man hair, between his soft skin and sandpaper stubble. As she pressed her lips to his cheek, she tasted the remains of aftershave and bourbon, a carnal melody as stimulating as it was indecent. He smelled like her father.


My Dark and Empty Sky

Lesbian erotica | Speculative | In the lulling hours of late afternoon, when my sons are with their tutor and my husband is at his office, I usually take tea and sit with my daughter…


Lesbian Cowboy – Episode 3

Published in Lesbian Cowboys: Erotic Adventures | Copyright © 2009 Teresa Wymore. All Rights Reserved.| Lesbian erotica | Western | I woke to see my dark angel. Caroline was smiling and dabbing my forehead. She…