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The Green Hour

Lesbian erotica | Literary Contemporary | Longing for what you can’t have is like suicide, a loss of hope, but I was too practical for that. Besides, I knew she wasn’t what she appeared to…


Alter Christus – Episode 2

Published at Erotica Readers and Writers Association Treasure Chest |Copyright © 2005 Teresa Wymore. All Rights Reserved. | Erotic romance | Contemporary M/F | *** Seven parishioners were in the rectory’s den when Duncan arrived…


Alter Christus – Episode 1

Maggie brushed her palms across the gray hair above Duncan’s ears. She cherished the contrast between his boyish barber cut and his bristly old-man hair, between his soft skin and sandpaper stubble. As she pressed her lips to his cheek, she tasted the remains of aftershave and bourbon, a carnal melody as stimulating as it was indecent. He smelled like her father.


About Me

Lesbian erotica | Memoir | Beth stared at me, her expressive eyes recognizing my bind as I struggled with some of the reasons I should leave. Her husband would be home from work soon, and…