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Dark Witch

Dark fantasy | Lesbian erotica | What was I missing? They went up and over. I went up and over. The forest yawned to the south behind me as I stood on the rise my…


The Green Hour

Lesbian erotica | Literary Contemporary | Longing for what you can’t have is like suicide, a loss of hope, but I was too practical for that. Besides, I knew she wasn’t what she appeared to…


Alter Christus – Episode 1

Erotic romance | Contemporary M/F | Maggie brushed her palms across the gray hair above Duncan’s ears. She cherished the contrast between his boyish barber cut and his bristly old-man hair, between his soft skin…


Heart of the Rose – Episode 1

Erotic romance | Magical realism M/F | Let your religion be less of a theory and more of a love affair. G.K. Chesterton First Week of Advent Drifting through the house, Raphael passed the kitchen…


Darklaw – Episode 1

Epic fantasy | THE DIM SUNRISE filtered through red glass, but the gloom haunting the temple’s vestibule didn’t deter Kami. She entered the sanctuary, passing through curls of sooty smoke from an oil lamp before…


Echo of Darkness – Prologue

Dark Fantasy | Lesbian erotica | From the balcony I watched Maria writhing. She was alone on the couch. I preferred her that way. It’s not that I’m jealous. What she might share with another…


My Dark and Empty Sky

Lesbian erotica | Speculative | In the lulling hours of late afternoon, when my sons are with their tutor and my husband is at his office, I usually take tea and sit with my daughter…


Darklaw – Synopsis

Copyright © Teresa Wymore. All Rights Reserved.Epic fantasy | 2020 Kami, a young idealistic woman, finds Avestine in a remote part of the continent, followed quickly by Rook, an old and bitter man with no…


Lesbian Cowboy – Episode 1

Lesbian erotica | Western | On the wall of the stable hung coal shovels, a hay fork, and rakes. A large drill with a broken bit had a thick cobweb holding it to the wall….


Hold Fast the Reins – Episode 1

Epic fantasy | “YOU DON’T HAVE to prove anything, Princess. Even the gods fear me. How much less are you?” Avestine nodded for the guards to release the woman. “I’ve done what my father couldn’t….


About Me

Lesbian erotica | Memoir | Beth stared at me, her expressive eyes recognizing my bind as I struggled with some of the reasons I should leave. Her husband would be home from work soon, and…


Stilicho’s Son – Prologue

Historical fiction | The Fifth Century AD Romans in the fifth century would remember the splitting of the empire into East and West and the unprecedented rise of the barbarian Stilicho. They would remember the…


Under the Dome

Lesbian erotica | Speculative | As one of ten-thousand elite workers in the domed capitol, I worked between grinding benches that spewed iron flakes and vents that wheezed coal dust. Lesser workers delivered supplies to…