Savage Sinru The Barbarian’s Daughter

Introductory splash page from my new comic book, Savage Sinru.


The world knew him as the barbarian. his lust for life was mythic. His god was merciless. some called him thief and slayer. others called him hero. One called him father.

She was Sinru, product of a drunken night the barbarian spent in a nameless village before he wandered alone to lands far away. The daughter grew up strong and willful, angry and lustful. When the Bracaba horde burned her village and butchered her mother, she, too, wandered.

Sinru knew the legend like everyone, and though she may have once wanted a father, she had little interest in a legend. In this she was no different from the adventurous man who had sired her. In this she was no different from the independent woman who had raised her.

Life was for the living, And living was not an easy thing to do in the demon-infested realm of the Khaimeign.

Savage Sinru contains mature content: language, nudity, sex, alcohol, drug use

Creator Notes

As usual, I have a lot of irons in the fire. This is my favorite project I’m putting time into right now: Savage Sinru: The Barbarian’s Daughter. This is a black and white traditional style comic, inspired by my love of reading Savage Sword of Conan growing up in the 70s. I have finally begun to make the “lesbian Conan” I always wished I could read. (I have no affiliation with Robert E Howard, the copyrighted Conan comics, or the big publishers; I’m merely naming my inspiration.)

Look for adventure, demons and monsters, wenches and whiskey. It’s going to be fun. This image is at digital resolution, but I’m creating the comic for print.

I’m currently setting up the comic and other projects to post to my Patreon. However, since Patreon may be embracing crypto and NFTs, I may not do that. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs as an extension only hurt artists and help the rich and nefarious and take advantage of the ignorant. So I want no part of a service that promotes the racket, but we’ll see what the future brings. There are various communities online for artists but they each have a drawback.