Savage Sinru: Sins of the Father

A reference/splash/pinup from my comic Savage Sinru

As I work on SAVAGE SINRU: The Barbarian’s Daughter, I’m doing some reference material and splash pages and I make myself laugh a lot.

Sinru is cursed, and she believes it’s because her father pissed off a lot of gods. This splash page is a conversation between Sin and her best friend Saan, and names her *current* curses. Did I mention this is #satire as well as #adventure?

Savage Sinru will be available only through my Patreon, but I’ll share some images here.

I grew up reading Savage Sword of Conan, and it’s how I learned to draw. I loved the adventure and art but was disappointed in how they portrayed women–even sword-wielding Red Sonja had bigger boobs than muscles. I had a letter published in one of the issues when I was like 12 years old complaining about the fact. The editorial staff just apologized and said that’s what readers wanted. #bullshit. We see her now! Comic fans have been introduced to women who look like beasts, much thanks to sports like body building and CrossFit.

As I got older, I imagined a lesbian Conan, and that’s been my inspiration for this comic.