In the Shadows of Gods – Episode 3

Dark Quarter, the warmaster’s tent in the
military camp of the Castle Alliance.

The camp was unusually quiet. Avestine had been warmaster of the Alliance for over a year and had never experienced such a mood.

The army was frightened. The men didn’t gather outside their tents as they had the night before their first battle. Rumors spread, so Avestine sent her guards to intercept the worst of them–to identify the men who should be removed and provide whiskey to those who remained steadfast.

She was alone in her grand tent except for two guards. She had sent her concubine away for the night. She paced, pausing to run her fingers over the map on her table and checking the oil in the three lamps, where dark smoke curled and shivered at her passing.

She wondered why Rook had not returned. With Coth, the God of Judgment, possessing him, he could speak with the dead. Avestine coveted that power as she coveted every power. She had tried to find a way to make it hers, but since she couldn’t, she would be sure no one possessed it. Her plans for Coth awaited another day.

Her thoughts faded when a noise opposite the door drew her attention. Her guards approached with spears ready, but she waved them back.

Something was burrowing under the thick leather wall. It came up through a hole into the tent. A mole rose from the dirt and kept rising as it grew into Kami. The flickering oil lamp cast her naked body in dramatic shadows that emphasized her soft brown skin and generous breasts.

Avestine told her guard to leave the tent and sat down at her table. She poured herself a cup of whiskey and masqueraded as the defeated. “Come to gloat?”

“You saved your men. I thought you would see them die before you surrendered.”

“The battle is lost. Not the war.”

Kami nodded. “That’s more than I expected.”

“And your cleverness is more than I expected.”

“Come with me. You don’t need Sahrdon.”

Avestine finished her cup in one gulp and rose from her chair. “You mean we can live together in the forest? Festivals and sacrifices? You offered that to me once before. I left you to your orgy.”

“But you thought you could defeat me then. Now, you have no choice. You must do what I tell you.”

Avestine restrained a smile and reached out. When Kami stepped back, Avestine said, “Why are you here, Child, if not to comfort me?”

“I’m here to talk you out of your madness.”

Contradictions and conflict were part of the bargain. Avestine knew the game well, but no one played it better than Kami, if only because Kami didn’t think of it as a game. “You’re here because you need me,” said Avestine. She took Kami’s hand, and this time, Kami didn’t resist. “You’re here because what is chaos without order?” Eyes narrowing, she added, “What is a dog without its master?”

Kami pulled away. Avestine laughed and slid one hand into the cascade of black curls. She looked into Kami’s glossy dark eyes and whispered, “Are you wet?” She didn’t wait for an answer and reached her hand down, pushing through the furry tangle between Kami’s legs. She pressed her middle finger between the warm folds and slid into moisture. Her heart thudded. Heat broke across her neck, leaving sweat in its wake. 

“Look at that,” she whispered as she leaned away to gaze down where her hand worked. As her fingers fondled Kami’s pussy, the tendons of her strong hands flexed, and her short, white-tipped nails contrasted against the black hair. She liked the contrasts of black hair and bare skin, of her corded hand against Kami’s youthful tenderness. She spread the hair and folds so she could see the inner pink before Kami fell against her and began to hump. Avestine felt Kami’s pounding heartbeat against her arm.

Avestine trembled with unmet desire. It wasn’t that she lacked sex: her concubine was an obedient and enthusiastic girl. But this was Kami. This was the girl who had journeyed across a continent to worship her as a hero and then made every effort to destroy her as a tyrant. Kami hated her and she also loved her, and there was nothing better in the world than when Kami needed her.

She took Kami to her low, wide bed and pushed her onto her back. She stripped off her own clothes and crawled on top of her. She shifted so their legs interlocked, and when she began to bear down sinuously, Kami’s breathing changed with the rhythm. 

The feel of warm flesh captivated Avestine until a sudden pain surprised her. Kami was chewing on her shoulder. Avestine propped herself up by holding Kami against the bed. Her clitoris found the hard curve of Kami’s hip again. She rocked until Kami squirmed loose and bit her arm.

Avestine shook her. “Hold still, Child.”

She wrapped a firm hand around Kami’s neck, holding her down as she continued to grind against her hip. But satisfaction seemed far away. She was too excited, her nerves raw, over-stimulated. She left the bed. She returned and shoved a leather-clad stick into Kami’s hands.

Kami stared dully at the rod.

Avestine was fevered. Her body throbbed. She blinked sweat away from her eyes. She drew Kami to the corner of the bed, and then she mounted her, legs to either side, feet on the floor. She positioned Kami’s hand holding the rod and lowered herself onto it.

She began to ride, raising and lowering her body on Kami’s lap as the rod slid in and out. She was weak with pleasure. Shivers raced up her spine and prickled through her hair. Her thighs strained with effort, and her knees hurt. She leaned on Kami’s shoulders, and Kami ran one hand over her hips and up to her breasts. Avestine arched her back as Kami sucked on her hard pink nipples.

Avestine was so shaky it was difficult to keep fingering her own clitoris. Every time her fingers slipped off, she felt like she would lose her mind, but she finally came with cascading groans. When the waves of pleasure had passed, sweat dripped from her nose and chin. She rose from the bed and asked in a husky voice, “What do you want?”

Kami’s desire expressed itself in a painful frown. She fell back, her legs sprawling wide, and Avestine lost her breath at the sight. She dropped to her knees, lifted Kami’s legs onto her shoulders, and buried her face in the soaking pussy.

She smeared her cheeks and nose, and her tongue slid through cream, touching skin so soft and wet she had no sense where the clitoris was. She spread the folds of flesh with her fingers and clasped the inner lips with her mouth. She sucked until she felt the small bump recede and then grow big again.

Kami writhed, which made it difficult for Avestine to keep her mouth where she wanted it, but when Avestine speared her with one, then two fingers, Kami dropped her hips and remained still.

Avestine sensed Kami’s tension building, knew she was concentrating. There were as many kinds of orgasms as there were women. Kami’s were the quietly intense kind, just the opposite of everything else about her. Avestine picked up the rod, but Kami pushed it away.

“Stop fighting me,” said Avestine. She pressed the end against Kami’s small slit. Kami again pushed it away. “You’ll do what I tell you,” ordered Avestine.

“I want your tongue.”

“You’ll have my tongue, too, if you do what you’re told.”

Kami eased back and let Avestine slowly work the rod into her.

When Avestine also bent forward and licked her clitoris, Kami began to murmur pleading words. Her legs pressed together around Avestine’s head.

Avestine forced the rod through ever tightening muscles. And then she pressed a spot on the end. A trigger released a small latch on the end that was inside Kami. As Kami took hold of Avestine’s hair and rocked and moaned, the contents oozed into her. Avestine continued to thrust and to lick and welcomed a feeling of relief. Success.

When the shuddering left Kami, Avestine dropped the rod to the ground and lay next to her. Kami curled up and fell asleep.

Avestine didn’t know when Kami would feel the change. Would it be immediate, at the very beginning? Or would it happen much later, after the quickening? Perhaps it would not happen until the birth itself.

It didn’t matter when her plan reached fruition. Kami, lover of life, would never sacrifice a child to possess a god. When Kami realized she was no longer in sole possession of the god, that she now shared Bala with her child, she would accept it. Bala would be banished back to her hell, leaving only the sparks of her divine power to be shared by the remaining Essanti of Instinct.

Kami would be merely one of many, and she would again serve Avestine, as she had in the days before the end of the world.


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