Demonrise – Episode 9


AVESTINE: Life is for the living. I have nothing to say to the dead. And don’t forget about the jeweler.
NARRATOR: Men remembered Avestine’s legendary father as “The Architect of Imperial Darklaw.” Rook remembered him much as Avestine did — as a cruel and vicious man. He had come to Rook as a ghostly presence before but had yet to communicate anything. Rook wished he could simply walk away as Avestine did whenever he mentioned the dead, but it was his fate to hold within him the God of Judgment. Coth was the final arbiter of justice, so the dead came pleading their case whether Rook wanted them to or not.

Creator Notes

The relationship between Avestine and Rook is enormously complicated. Love-hate, compassion-cruelty, camaraderie-antagonism, master-servant — they experience it all.

They have known each other for at least 40 years (there is some extended time during which neither aged). As a young woman, Avestine severed Rook’s hands to make him her Essanti, a spiritual warrior who swears loyalty to the Emissary — although as Rook sees it, he serves but he’s not a servant. Avestine is volatile and vulgar (as per the last post LOL), while Rook is severe and measured. Avestine is amoral, even hedonistic, while Rook is traditional and quite judgey about “unnatural” acts. Yet both are implacable, violent, and means-to-an-end kind of people.

Kami will be entering this dark story soon. If you haven’t met her yet, stay tuned for a little sanity. Kami is what I like to think of as one of us. She’s someone who can’t ignore the elephant in the room. Not that she doesn’t have her own quirks. In fact, right this very moment, she’s sniffing around the palace corridors outside Avestine’s quarters. And I mean literally sniffing.