Demonrise – Episode 8


AVESTINE: What is it?
ROOK: Not what. Who.
AVESTINE: Oh. In that case you can tell him to find a fat boar and suck its hairy balls . . . and then he can dig up the runny corpse of a diseased cow and fuck that . . . and then he can shove his cock into a weasel hole and wait for–
ROOK: The dead have no flesh. It is what changes them.
AVESTINE: Change? As if mere flesh is what created a malignant shitwipe like my father.

Creator Notes

In case Darklaw is all new to you, Avestine is volatile and vulgar.

I had a lot of fun with the foul language. I spent a few days being creatively obscene before I had to pause. My first take was to go the route of insults common to modern culture, but they felt wrong. In other words, telling a man to suck someone’s balls or get fucked in the ass shouldn’t be insults. Those can be lovely experiences between consensual adults, right? Avestine is not homophobic. She is, in fact, highly amoral about many things. Since sex with animals is always nonconsensual, it’s therefore something I feel comfortable using as an insult, especially when you add the gloss of death and decay.

Also, if you’re new to the world of Darklaw, you might feel confused about some of the references. Why do some people call Avestine “Emissary” and others call her “Warmaster”? Why does Avestine call Rook “Essanti”? Easiest answer is to read the novel Darklaw (free for Kindle Unlimited or serialized on this website over the next year) or check out Episode 22 on this site. There is a lot of backstory to this world and these relationships. I don’t want to put explanations in the comic unless there is a handy, logical way to elucidate with becoming encyclopedic.