Demonrise – Episode 7


AVESTINE: What is your name?
OLD WOMAN: Bolarma, Emissary.
AVESTINE: You are unusually honest, and loyalty is something I value.

AVESTINE: What do you think? Esme would love a necklace with this as a pendant, don’t you think? Maybe Princess Gisel’s chamber maid would find it . . . persuasive. I’ll need the city’s jeweler. Send for him before you leave tomorrow. Essanti?

Creator Notes

When I started this third iteration of the webcomic, I had to decide the style. There are so many choices in this because I enjoy different styles:

  • Black & white or color?
  • Bold colors or muted, full color or duotones?
  • Naturalistic shading or stylized inked?
  • Dramatic or natural lighting?
  • Flat shades or airbrushing?

Those are just the start. In any case, I chose to keep the art a blend. But I find as time goes on, I’m using more airbrush and getting more naturalism and missing some of those comicbookisms. I love the hard inks, but my panels don’t evolve that way as I work day-to-day. In this strip, for example, Avestine pops out with a great deal of shading and light play while previous panels have her more stylized and inked. If I chose to do the entire webcomic in this style, I would eventually get behind, because some strips would take significantly more time with this amount of detail.

I’m not sure where I’ll go from here. I have to have a fun challenge and learn something with each strip. A few I’ve experienced so far include: a new pose, a complex expression, a vast environment, world-building detail, unusual lighting. I also want a finished product that is unified, so I can’t change styles in the middle.

Nevertheless, this was another fun one to draw with the knowledge that Avestine is feeling excited and thinking ahead to how she’ll use the ruby to her advantage.

And what the hell is Rook doing?