Demonrise – Episode 6


OLD WOMAN: I work in the palace laundry and thought this must belong to you.
AVESTINE: What use do I have for rubies?
OLD WOMAN: Maybe it belongs to one of your favorites…or it could…a gift, perhaps, for an appreciative woman.

NARRATION: Avestine thought Esme would be the most appreciative. She loved jewelry. Orqina liked pretty things, too, but she had many as the niece of the wealthiest merchant in the city. Kami couldn’t care less about adorning herself. Only one thing ever motivated Kami in the way Avestine liked and it wasn’t something that glittered.

Creator Notes

I loved doing these panels. I set up the progression of faces and hands with the goal of physically showing Avestine’s shift in thoughts. Maybe it’s just me, but I laugh every time I look at the second panel–Avestine is surprised and intrigued by what the old woman intimates. For a worker in the palace laundry, the woman understands a lot about motivating the Emissary, doesn’t she?