Demonrise – Episode 5

Episode 5 Demonfell Demonrise Epic Fantasy Webcomic LGBTQ


OLD WOMAN: Emissary! Please…I have something I must give you.

NARRATOR: Timur follows Avestine everywhere, but for a moment, she wanders toward something she sense, yet isn’t there.

Creator Notes

This is my favorite strip so far. I like how the distance planes work together. Mixed distances/fields in images is my favorite kind of layout–looking past something close to something far. My second favorite is vastness–you know, tiny people and something really big around them, whether landscape or a monster.

I’m also enjoying bringing the dog into the story. She’ll be important going forward.

I didn’t have “pets” in the novel Darklaw. Of course, that takes place about 15 years before Demonrise, so things have changed. In fact, Avestine has changed in some significant ways, mostly due to her relationship with Kami. More on that relationship coming up soon.