Demonrise – Episode 4


ROOK: Kami hasn’t left the city for some time. She will be disappointed.
AVESTINE: Hahaha! I’ve been disappointing her for years.
CROWD: The Emissary!

Creator Notes

If you have been paying close attention, you’ll notice that the panels I already posted have changed over the last few weeks. I have replaced them several times due to some overall changes I’m implementing. The speech balloons seemed too large, so I reduced the line space and the border. That allowed me to open up more of the art. I also lightened the scenes, since converting from CSP to jpg, plus whatever conversion the various websites do, made them too dark.

I’ll likely make changes every now and then as I spend time with the images and change my mind about them. I don’t expect anything substantial — such as the text changing — unless I notice an error like a misspelling or the wrong “I” in the font (both have happened in drafts). However, if you’re curious, you can see the originals on Twitter, because that’s the only place I’m not able to update.