Demonrise – Episode 3


ROOK: I’ll take Kami.
AVESTINE: She stays–
PALACE GUARD: Warmaster! A crowd gathers at your shrine.

AVESTINE: I see there’s a new idol. Have it brought to me. Clear away the people. And clear away that damn shrine! I ordered it removed yesterday.

Creator Notes

The technical aspects of publishing the panels is tricky sometimes. The jpg file size is over 3M, which is too big for Twitter. I had to decrease the file quality a bit. You may notice that text is a little blurry. At least I do. You wouldn’t believe the amount of detail I manage when producing a panel. Probably stuff that doesn’t matter to most readers.

I’ve posted this webcomic on various platforms to publicize it. My focus is Twitter — because it’s so lightweight and not content-filtered. There will be adult material in Demonrise. When that happens, I’ll have to black-box the Tapas content, for example.

Please share the links from this website, Twitter, or your fave webcomics lists so people who may enjoy it will find it. If you’re a webcomic fan, you already know just how much is out there. I remember when the problem was finding stories because there weren’t many. Now they are hard to find because there are so many.