Demonrise – Episode 24


NARRATOR: Avestine took the gem from Kami. She was pleased that is caught Kami’s attention. Few things did.

AVESTINE: I didn’t think such things mattered to you. I can give you more jewels, but this is the most beautiful ruby I’ve seen.

KAMI: It’s dead.

AVESTINE: It’s a rock. I can put it somewhere else if it bothers you.



KAMI: We should leave. We should leave now!

NARRATOR: Kami’s first thought was to get Esme, just as the door opened . . .

Creator Notes

If you’re current with Darklord, you know what’s coming. I’m nearing the end of this chapter of the webcomic. I’ve been sporadic in posting, but it WILL conclude in early 2022. I’m setting up the Demonfell chapter as a page or booklet file you can download and print. I’m proud of how it looks and the arc it tells in the early part of the Darklord webserial.

I’m simultaneously working on the adventure comic Savage Sinru, my Patreon One Page Comics, and Deviant Art collections, so I hope you’ll be patient and check in with me over the next few months.

A LOT of new stories in art, sequentials, and text are coming. Less hours working at the day job and more hours drawing will be nice if I can swing it financially. That will depend on how I do online in 2022.