Demonrise – Episode 23


NARRATOR: Avestine poured herself more whiskey and watched Kami from the table. With Timur at her side, Kami roamed the room.

AVESTINE: What do you sense?

KAMI: Something that isn’t here.

AVESTINE: Maybe you just need more time in my bed.

KAMI: You think that solves everything.

AVESTINE: It usually does.

NARRATOR: Kami wandered and paused until she reached a cabinet where Avestine kept trinkets and whiskey. She examined one drawer, which held many items unfamiliar to her, including a sparkling red gemstone.

Creator Notes

The publishing time between episode 22 and episode 23 is about 6 months. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m persistent if not consistent.

In those six months I’ve finished the posting of my 150,000 word novel Darklaw and posted episodes of Darklord, as well as numerous illustrations. If you’ve been following along, I hope you’ve enjoyed the variety of posts. If you are a fan of mine, I can only assume you are someone who likes unpredictability, maybe chaos and complexity as well. Oh, and sex.

I follow many authors and illustrators (not many who do both unfortunately) on Twitter and Instagram, and I’m always analyzing my work and my process by reflecting on what they do and how popular they are. I don’t have many social media followers and the subscribers here rise and fall in direct proportion to how often I publish.

I create what I create when I create it and I can’t seem to do it “right.” I don’t have one style or write for a popular niche or even post regular WIPs, and I certainly don’t take commissions to reproduce other creators’ characters for money. Instead, I work two part-time jobs and put in what time I can to write and illustrate this world and people that live inside me.

And so I am happy that you spend some of your time here with me meeting these people and following their adventures. Drop me an email or a DM if you have any questions or comments.