Demonrise – Episode 22


NARRATOR: Avestine followed Kami out of bed. She knew why Kami wasn’t tired. Only the scent of prey could stir her from the comfort of their bed.

KAMI: You sense it, too, Timur. Where is it, Girl?”

Creator Notes

It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable night with the three women. As the story turns from their recreation, Avestine and Kami will be stumbling on a mystery and getting in some fighting action soon. I’m looking forward to developing the fight scenes. I love action-adventure with tough women. Not enough of it IMO.

I have several projects right now, so the webcomic may be delayed, but I’ll be posting consistently if not regularly. The web serial Darklord will also be continuing and I’ll be wrapping up Darklaw in a few weeks–that’s right, we are nearing the end of the 100,000 word novel after 8 months!

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