Demonrise – Episode 21


NARRATOR: Morning came and went before satiety claimed Avestine. Esme drifted off to sleep. Kami was tired yet restless.

As Avestine gathered her senses and her breathing slowed, Kami observed her lover of many years.

NARRATOR: There was something feral about Avestine, something wild about one who as anything but wild. Despite the many years she had known Avestine, Kami still pondered the heart of the woman. The reason for her endless fascination was becoming clear. There is no day without night. No night without day.

Creator Notes

I enjoyed the challenge of creating physical expressions of exhaustion and sweat with this strip as the women find satisfaction and sleep. I had planned this chapter to be about 35 strips, but looks like it’ll be more like 50. It’s concurrent with Darklord, so check into those posts for more of the story. When this chapter of Demonrise ends, Darklord will continue. Then Demonrise will pick up again later in the events of Darklord.

Getting consistent lighting has been tough because the image looks so different even on my own various screens (3 monitors, 2 desktops, iPad, iPhone). Some strips may look darker or lighter than others that should be the same. I’m not sure I can get used to that. Digital art is so uncertain because it depends as much on the audience’s technology as the artist’s. This is why I’ll be happy to see all this in print one day.