Demonrise – Episode 20


NARRATOR: Morning brought the sunrise, but in a land of ice and snow palace rooms allowed little access to the elements. The room remained dark, warmed only by two fires.

NARRATOR: Through the dim glow, Avestine watched Kami and Esme and thought about the hands Kami could no longer manifest.

NARRATOR: When kami lost her god, she lost the ability to become anything other than what she was–Avestine’s Essanti. Powerful. Gifted…Obedient.

Creator Notes

To make sense of some of what may be strange to you, you’ll need to reference the Darklaw Saga series. The short story “In the Shadows of Gods” that links Darklaw to Darklord may be a place to start if you don’t currently feel like tackling a long novel (Darklaw). Also, Demonrise and Darklord are concurrent storylines. Darklord has two episodes up as of this posting, and it also provides some context.

I am absolutley loving my current process. Posting the webcomic is rather slow–a strip a week–but I’m also writing Darklord and posting that weekly, as well as posting previously published work weekly.

I’m working on a new project as well–a lesbian version of Conan. No kidding! I grew up on adventure comics like Conan but in my mind I substituted women and lesbians for my heroes. In this age of fan fiction and mashups, I figured it was maybe time to create the comic I always wanted as a kid. Conan the Lesbian in the style of Savage Sword of Conan. On the one hand, in seems like it should be satire. On the other hand, I prefer serious and mature writing. We’ll see how it goes.