Demonrise – Episode 2


AVESTINE: I’ll manage Ogedai. All I want from you is to ride to Bentwood.
ROOK: I’ll find out who is murdering the children.

AVESTINE: I don’t care if Coth himself is reaping his due from that shit town! I’m not sending you to solve their problems. If the town tries to appease some demon or pay off bandits with my priests or my gold, I’ll kill every man, woman, and child. I won’t tolerate another Star City. Be clear with the elders. I will not tolerate blasphemy or rebellion from them. You leave at dawn.

Creator Notes

It took me a while to settle on the skin tone for Avestine.

If you have read Darklaw, you probably know that she is older, scarred, with rough skin, and she’s highly masculine for a woman. Most people don’t consider her attractive. She has facial injuries from war and arena battles, as well as an abusive father (the story behind the damage to her left eye can be found in Darklaw). The balance I wanted in the webcomic is to have some representative detail without so much detail that replicating it panel-after-panel requires a lot of time.

I’m happy with the result here, a combination of airbrushing and a subtle “melon” texture inverted and applied with a varied percentage of overlay in Clip Studio to her skin.

And notice the details on Rook. He had his head cut off in Darklaw. That’s how the jealous and power-coveting Avestine discovered he had become a rival god. He’ll have the scar forever. Another of the many details I have to keep in mind as I illustrate.