Demonrise – Episode 19


AVESTINE: Silence, Timur! And you will lie still, Child, or I’ll tie you to the bed posts.

KAMI: Hahaha! Not as long as Esme stays out of reach!

ESME: What part of me are you reaching for, Lady?

Creator Notes

I have resized the panels of the webcomic. I went smaller since the drain on the webserver was pretty hefty. Of course, I love big detailed high-resolution images, but this is a website, and I have many images posted, so I compromised. Down the road, I hope put much of my work in print.

In addition to the webcomic, I’ve posted images and writings for the Darklaw Saga and for Darklord. The end of 2020 was highly productive for me…even as I got Covid-19.

I frequently curate my work, which means I make changes to my website and social media timelines all the time. And that means things won’t always stay as I post them. Currently, I have the World of Darklaw as a sidebar gallery. The illustrations and graphics have background on the world and excerpts from various writings. If you find world-building interesting, and Darklaw in particular, take a look.