Demonrise – Episode 18


NARRATOR: Wrestling Kami into bed wasn’t difficult for Avestine, but their struggle agitated Timur. The only dogs Avestine had ever kept were for hunting. Until Timur.

Avestine found the bitch compelling for many reasons, not least of which was her sheer beauty. Gold eyes. Such an odd color. Odder still was how much she resembled Kami. In fact, if Kami were a dog, she would undoubtedly look like Timur.

Avestine wondered at the thought. But only for a moment. She was burning and Kami was wet and in the end that was really all she cared to know this night.

Creator Notes

Although this webcomic is my primary project right now, I’ve started writing episodes of Darklord, begun illustrations for a new edition of the Darklaw novel, and am prepping for the publication of Stilicho’s Son as a digital and print book. 2020 has been a productive year for me.

I’m excited about new projects, new directions, new techniques. In other words, possibilities. I’ve discovered some creators who have inspired me in different ways. I’ll post about them on my author blog later this month.

2020 has been a good year for building muscle, too. Exercise is vital to my productivity. It’s about strength. I know how to draw the lines because I can feel the lines in my own body. The stronger I am, the more I can feel and the more I know how things should move.