Demonrise – Episode 17

Episode 17 Demonfell Demonrise Epic Fantasy Webcomic LGBTQ


NARRATOR: Esme had served Avestine for two years. She knew her queen found danger seductive and took pleasure from taming defiance. Esme wondered if all gods had such appetites. Certainly, Kami shared a taste for violence. At times, Esme was as frightened by their lust as by their fights.

TIMUR: Grrr–ruf!

Creator Notes

I posted on my blog this week about some priorities in creating this webcomic. All the Money I’m Making as a Webcomic Creator.

As 2020 winds down, I find it’s been a mostly good year for me despite the Covid pandemic and the concern but –so-far–health of those closest to me. The good part has been getting the Demonrise webcomic consistent. I have a process now that can carry me for several years. As I’ve mentioned before, I started a Darklaw webcomic several times but had trouble sustaining it due to the difficulty of the process or the time involved.

I use my iPad Pro and desktop with Clip Studio Paint (CSP) for most of it. There are some things I do in Photoshop, but that’s because I’m so familiar with it. I’m sure CSP could handle them, too. I also turn to Procreate occasionally. Procreate is so painterly and has some wonderful brushes. I’m experimenting with other programs and learning a lot from a Twitter artist I follow Christine Garner. She has a great deal to share, including her own art and technical knowledge.

More erotic panels to come through the end of 2020, then demons in 2021 as we return to what’s happening with Rook. This is the end of the first full page I’ve done (most of this webcomic will be in strips like the earlier posts). I’ll post the merged page on the Demonrise serial page.