Demonrise – Episode 15

Episode 15 Demonfell Demonrise Epic Fantasy Webcomic LGBTQ


NARRATOR: Kami could be tenacious when she hunted. She was also hedonistic. Avestine was skilled at coaxing Kami from one feral obsession to another.

NARRATOR: It didn’t take the mystical power she used to push the reluctant toward obedience. It didn’t take much at all.

Creator Notes

I love this time of year. I love Christmas. Actually, I love Advent. Now don’t think I’m still Catholic. Well, maybe a little. It’s complicated.

I’m actually Daoist by nature, Catholic by culture. The difference between them is that Daoism is fundamentally anarchistic, a processual world view that has only one moral imperative, avoiding coercion. Catholicism is fundamentally controlling, a dualistic world view that has many moral injunctions with the purpose of organizing society. I’d love to indulge in a tangent here about how dualism leads to everything bad, but this section is about my webcomic, so let me tie these thoughts together.

As a writer, I’m assumed to be projecting myself into my stories. My characters are me. I used to complain about this, because if I wrote murder mysteries, few readers would assume I was out killing anyone. But since I write erotica, readers assume I have experienced the scenes I write, that my stories are autobiographical. This troubled me because I wanted my stories read as reflections on the human experience, not reflections on me. I’ve long since lost that concern because I realized you don’t experience what I wrote but what you read. Not the same thing.

Nevertheless, for me erotica is not in fact about sex. It is about character, the best way to show character, in my opinion.

Erotic desire is transgressional. It is frighteningly revealing and challenging if well-written and — just as importantly — well-read. Any writer who says writing erotic scenes is boring (and some very famous authors have said just that) lack authenticity. They are not, in my opinion, “good” writers but merely entertaining writers. They likely transcribe porn scenes rather than digging out their own life experience. Yes, that is boring.

I grant that writing and reading are both highly subjective, but you come here, you get my thoughts. And my view is that erotic scenes are the best way to reveal characters’ unique vulnerabilities along with their common humanity. The sex part is just for fun.

Do you see the connection between the philosophy mentioned above and my webcomic?

The next series of strips will be an erotic interlude, in which Avestine and Kami often indulge, while Rook is out facing some truly terrible discoveries.