Demonrise – Episode 14


TOQA: Forgive me, Emissary, but the lady Kami insists on speaking with you.
AVESTINE: Kami? Child, I hate it when you show up already naked. That can mean only one thing . . . you’re hunting.
KAMI: There is . . . something here. Something that shouldn’t be here. Something that shouldn’t even be.

Creator Notes

For those of you new to Darklaw, the story is as much about Kami as Avestine. But you haven’t met Kami until now.

This strip reminds me of a not-funny experience I had years ago posting a Kindle short story with Avestine and Kami. Amazon removed my story. They didn’t bother to read the description or any of the actual words or ask me anything. They just looked at the title. I said fuck it and put the story into the novel. I didn’t want to have to rename it. See, I had used “child” in the title and they said it violated their terms of service.

Avestine refers to Kami as “child”. It started as a power move — Avestine is all about control. The age difference matters less now than it once did. At the beginning of Darklaw Avestine is 40ish and Kami is 20. Demonrise takes place decades later, and both women have become Avatars, which means they no longer age. Their age difference matters little when you consider how different they are as people…and as gods.

When I’m writing and plotting, I don’t think in characters but in relationships. It’s not Avestine, Kami, and Rook. It’s Avestine-Kami, Avestine-Rook, and Kami-Rook. I’m the same way when reading. It’s the relationships that appeal to me. I’ve had readers who really get it, which delights me. Showing those relationships is more challenging in the webcomic because there’s less story and more image. I miss writing the kind of complex story and relationships a novel allows. I’m going to have to find some hours to continue Darklord. The events of Darklord are synchronous with Demonrise.