Demonrise – Episode 13


NARRATOR: In the throne room and on the battlefield, Avestine used her mystical ability to persuade the most resistant of men to do the most terrible of things. But she allowed the women who shared her bed to follow their own desires.

AVESTINE: Does that matter to you?

ESME: All that matters is now. And all I want now is to feel your mouth on me again.

Creator Notes

From ISOLA Issue 1

My favorite use of color was the comic Isola, especially the blues and greens. The moody duotone-like pages are stunning. What a palette! I would love to do a story like that one day.

Darklaw is a gritty and dark fantasy, so I didn’t think it was helped by the otherworldly sense of such a palette. I put a lot of color, pattern, texture into Darklaw — detail to give more a sense of a world both big and diverse.

Still, I cast subtle hues over whole scenes. Inside tends toward warm yellows and external are cool blues. This is a snowy, icy realm warmed only by fires. I’m enjoying drawing all these scenes in Avestine’s palace quarters. Yes, intimate scenes are always fun to draw, but also the lighting is fun to create with different techniques. Mostly what I’m doing here is carving out the light rather than adding in the black.