Demonrise – Episode 12


NARRATOR: Avestine has been awake all night. She’s less concerned with Rook’s mission than the new campaign season. Fifteen years at war with Darklaw, and she has still not set foot in Sahrdon.

ESME: Let me distract you from your thoughts, my queen.

AVESTINE: You’ve distracted me enough, Esme. Why aren’t you sleeping?

ESME: I can sleep anytime. How often do I have you all to myself, all night?

AVESTINE: You’re the sweetest girl I’ve ever known.

ESME: You’ve known many girls, haven’t you?

Creator Notes

I had so much fun with this strip. The wonderful thing about being a writer is the variety of people and experiences I get to create. It’s the same for the artist.

The story to now has been about events of state and public life, with some of the private relationship of Avestine and Rook thrown in. We followed Avestine through part of her day as an administrator (she is “warmaster”) in Castlebejel, which included meeting with the king, dealing with guards, and the tedious adoration from the commoners. There will be more of this. As a writer — and a reader — I want to deal with some of the mundane in a fantasy world. If it’s all portents, fights, monsters, and treasure, it’s actually kind of boring because it feels less than real.

Now, the story is turning inward for a time, to Avestine’s private life and the women who fill her nights. Unfortunately, she won’t have a lot of time to enjoy her good fortune this particular night. But there will be a few strips with NSFW content…my favorite!

This week, I removed Demonrise from Twitter and Tapas. Both required extra processing. (Twitter limits MB. Tapas requires 940px image size and disallows adult content.) Neither outlet gained much traction over the last few months. If you enjoy Demonrise and think others might, please share it through your social media. Only you can grow the audience.

The feedback I’ve received has been wonderful, and I have years of this story still to share.