Demonrise – Episode 11

Episode 11 Demonfell Demonrise Epic Fantasy Webcomic LGBTQ


NARRATOR: Avestine had contrived to return Rook to his status as her Essanti. She believed her plan had left merely a piece of Coth within Rook, and thus his spiritual gifts served her. Instead, the god himself dwelt within Rook. He remained the Avatar of Judgment.

NARRATOR: That is why Rook could move among the spirits. That is why he took care when he did. For Arujan was a jealous god, and Avestine was a vicious enemy.

Creator Notes

I enjoyed the challenge of representing the spirit world graphically. Rook can become a spirit, but he’s unique among spirits, so I had to set him apart and yet keep him similar. I decided to keep him transparent but a different color.

In this form, he can travel quickly and easily.

For more background on Essanti vs Avatar powers, check out the novel. Suffice to say here, Avestine (Arujan) will not be at all pleased if/when she discovers Coth is still alive in the world.