Demonrise – Episode 10


NARRATOR: It’s a foggy morning when Rook sets out from Castlebejel. This coldest part of the world has seen more foggy days recently, the result of warming unlike any the Ice Quarter has seen before.

NARRATOR: As always, Rook obeys the Emissary. He would rather remain at Avestine’s side, having made a vow to protect her when he was a child — the same day she took his hands, but he is, above all, a man of duty.

NARRATOR: Despite his obedience, there are things Rook doesn’t share, things that might inflame Avestine’s usual volatility into something akin to an inferno.

NARRATOR: The city roads are busy, but soon he will be alone with those who know his secrets yet cannot speak them . . .

Creator Notes

Here is where the current story diverges into separate storylines for awhile. This is both exciting and problematic as a creator. It’s always more fun to write and draw multiple plotlines, but it’s also a challenge to keep both interesting and fresh as I take the reader back-and-forth. Some readers prefer action. Some prefer sex. Some prefer mystery. There will be some of each.

As Rook leaves the city on a mission that soon grows horrifying, Avestine enjoys private time with the women in her life until her carnal pleasures are interrupted by an event that will change all her plans for the future. You’ll soon meet a character new to the Darklaw world. They are quite unique…and yes, nonbinary.

I’ve mentioned my obsession (distraction?) with detail before. In this strip, I have been changing my mind about that capital letter “I” in “Ice Quarter.” Standards I’ve chosen for this webcomic mean it should be in the lower case of the font (might makes right, in case you wonder), but it just looked better capitalized. So I left it that way. Whatever. Not a big deal, right? Just so you know, I’ll be sure to put as much time into drawing naked women as I do little things like this.

BTW, to have a better sense of place, you can take a look at the Darklaw map right here.