Demonrise – Episode 1


AVESTINE: He’ll agree.
ROOK: That doesn’t make it a good plan.
NARRATION: A war council meeting ends… Warmaster Avestine offered a new strategy in the Alliance’s war with Darklaw, a mission that would leave the legions behind in Castlebejel. King Ogedai is not pleased.

Creator Notes

The first panel of Demonrise, Chapter One Demonfell.

The Covid lockdown this spring gave me extra time to get a buffer, so I plan to have a new panel every week.

I post first on Twitter (@demonwebcomic) and then here later in the week. If you have read posts at my blog, you know some of my background, which includes several attempts at getting a webcomic going. If you haven’t, let me sum it up by saying I failed twice before to sustain production, not to mention issues with various platforms. I learned a whole lot.

That’s why I chose NOT to use any of the usual platforms that webcomic creators use (webtoons, tapas, deviantart, or even a webcomic theme for wordpress). I wanted a lightweight process and no restrictions on content. Twitter it is!

I like the current layout of images on Twitter. They’re made for 2×1 panels that I can break into 1-3 boxes for the story. My images are created in Clip Studio and output at 2400px x 1200px.

I have a largish archive of previously published and unpublished work that I wanted to push out, too, so I combined them here. This site uses a gallery theme, terrific for images, grid layout, easy.

I quit my day job. True story. I have given myself a year to establish my process and find a way to monetize my creations. It should be a fun year.