Demonrise – Demonfell Intro


Demons neither live nor die. They rise and fall. And all they fear is the Demonfell.

Fifteen years after the events of Darklaw, Avestine, Kami, and Rook live as guests of the Castle Alliance, a frozen land surrounded by a desert of ice. As Avatars of the gods, each holds interests and powers in conflict with the others. As always, Avestine, the Avatar of Arujan, seeks to subvert the power of those closest to her, even as she spreads war across the continent. Ruthless and relentless, she has gained the king’s favor and the legions’ loyalty.

A woman of great and violent passions, Avestine is nonetheless driven by one overwhelming desire: to rule Darklaw, the empire established by her legendary father. Though war occupies her thoughts, scouts have returned with stories of atrocities frightening the villages bordering the Dark Quarter. The fear stirs riots and revolt, but nothing will stand between Avestine and the Throne of the World.

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Creator Notes

Demonfell is the first episode of Demonrise. Demonrise is a series of webcomic adventure episodes that intersect with Darklord, the second novel in the Darklaw Saga trilogy. Got all that?

If you want to understand more about this world and the characters, check out the first novel, Darklaw, or visit the Darklaw Saga page on my blog.