Darklord – The Library

Darklord. Avestine and Veris in the Castlebejel Library.

With Avestine so close, Veris wanted to run and hide, which made him angry. He clenched his fists and remained where he was, waiting. The feeling became a sound, the sound of footfalls, of leather on stone. A moment later, Avestine appeared from behind one of the stacks.


Creator Notes

I have considered doing my webcomic, Demonrise, in grayscale, but I feel pressure to produce it in color. After all, color is free! When I was young, there was no web or digital art. Illustration consisted of paper, pen, and paint products. And they were expensive. I stuck to black and white — originally because of cost. Pencil, pen, charcoal. Lots of charcoal! Eventually, I preferred it, even when I had opportunities to expand.

I have enjoyed the challenges color presents, and the world of Darklaw benefits from color for much of the storytelling. Still, as an artist, I prefer working in B&W. I’m reminded how much so every time I get back to it. I love tone and clarity. I love line. It’s nice to be working on different projects. My illustrations will mostly be charcoal or pen. My webcomic, color.

This illustration started in Procreate. That program is terrific for drawing. It has some features I miss while working in Clip Studio Paint (CSP) but it also has less precision. Since I’m spending more time in CSP these days, I brought my rough from Procreate into CSP and reworked it.

I have many brushes in Procreate that don’t transfer to CSP, so I still do some development there and import it. Likewise, I have started collecting more CSP brushes and materials. This illustration benefits from a collection of textures I bought from Christine Garner on Gumroad.