Darklord – Sahrdon Castle

Surely, you’re curious? About my father’s deprivations? Should I start with the daily beatings or the nights I learned how to satisfy a god’s lust? He was convinced we had only each other. Trust no one. That’s what he taught me. No one else could understand our destinies but us. Gods trapped in the flesh.

Avestine (Darklaw)

Excerpt | Darklaw

Avestine would finish her father’s work by unifying the world under one flag, one law, one god: Arujan.

Everything in Kami rebelled against that. Anxiety broke a sweat on her neck despite the cold. The abilities she had discovered were like magic, yet familiar and effortless. She had never thought of the prophecy in a literal way. She had accused Avestine of not believing in the gods, but in truth, she had never truly believed—not in anything but the Great Mother.

Now, she experienced the will of two minds, not so different, yet not the same. Maybe that’s why Chaos resided in her, because she was of a similar will. And then it came to her.

If Avestine were the Emissary of Arujan, then perhaps all the gods had their own emissaries. Maybe that’s what the Essanti originally were: emissaries of their respective gods. The Emissary of Arujan gained some sort of power over the rest. Maybe that’s what the Avatars were, a rectification. They were coming into the world to end the tyranny of Arujan.

If so, maybe the Darklord was the enemy not of the world but only of the Emissary.

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