Darklord – Kami Portrait and Bio

Darklord. Kami Portrait.

Love is an apparition haunting our lives. Lust is the only reality.

Kami (Darklaw)

Character Bio

KAMI spent her formative years in the Demonforest before leaving her war-torn homeland in search of a hero. She is a whore’s daughter, naïve to few things yet unaware of the ferocious power growing within her–a power prophesied to end the world.

ORIGIN: Featherwood, seneschal village of the Trade Empire, Demon Quarter
MOTHER: Bethan, Madame and Owner of Fat Rosey’s | FATHER: unknown

TITLES: Essanti of Instinct, Professed of the Eighth Devotion*
REFERENCE STYLES: Sister, Essanti*

*After the events of Darklaw