Darklord – Episode 5

Darklaw Episode 5 intersects with Demonrise Episodes 14-20

KAMI’S BARE FEET pressed against cold stone. Her right hand touched the wall in rhythm to each step before she paused to listen. Press, press, touch. Skittering feet. Press, press, touch. Ceramic breaking. Press, press, touch. Metal hitting stone. Her muscles strained against the cold. Black hair prickled on her brown forearms. Her dark rose nipples were uncomfortably hard. She tried to prevent her body from shivering so she could hear better. Fur would help, but she resisted the yearning to slip into comfort.

She wound down the stairs from her room high in one tower and crossed to another. The castle guards were familiar with Kami’s odd behavior. They glanced from the naked woman to each other as she made her way past them. Their orders were to report Kami’s activity to the warmaster, but they must never interfere.

Webs of life existed everywhere, even in an unbearably cold castle in a barren land: mice and rats, birds and bats, worms and spiders, mites and fleas, tame dogs, feral cats, lice, ants, roaches, beetles, and the myriad people and food animals that dwelt in the ancient four-story building. Life wiggled, writhed, and walked everywhere except for a growing spot of emptiness. Kami had felt such things before, an empty spot where something not-life drove away life. It was the worst sort of feeling, like an itch she must scratch, a queasiness eased only by vomiting. She had to end it.

With caution, she climbed the winding stairs of the darkward tower to the top suite of rooms. The guard stepped aside and let her open the door. Her keen eyes searched the room. She pushed her way past the chambermaid who had been jabbering at her since she entered the private residence. The room was pungent with aromas of roasted flesh and sex, arousing both her hunger and desire. The familiar scents and sounds distracted Kami from her hunt. She remembered this place. It was her favorite place.

She walked toward an entryway where light from fires streamed across a broad pink arch and green walls. Toqa had hurried ahead to warn of Kami’s presumption and was still jabbering when Kami entered Avestine’s bedroom. Avestine and her concubine, Esme, were naked and entwined on the bed. Avestine rolled off when she saw Kami.

“Child, I hate it when you show up already naked,” complained Avestine as she sat up. “That can mean only one thing. You’re hunting.”

The warmth of the fires and smell of sex drew Kami forward. Avestine left the bed and slid an arm around her waist, but Kami remembered why she had come. “There’s something here. Something that shouldn’t be here. Something that shouldn’t be.”

“There will be time to track down your prey.” Avestine kissed her cheek and brushed a finger along her chin. “The bed is soft and warm. Esme is soft and warm.” She kissed her neck and began to gently chew the skin beneath her ear. She reached between Kami’s legs and murmured, “Are you wet?”

The well-placed touches confused Kami’s thoughts, and when she saw Esme rise from the bed, she forgot completely about her hunt.

Esme was always happy to see Kami, especially when she was naked. Everything about Kami’s body was captivating—her smell, her taste, her beauty. The slant of her thick eyebrows reminded Esme of a hawk, but her movements were stealthy, like a cat. Avestine liked the same things about Kami and once said the best thing about a wolf was its honesty. Esme didn’t understand how that related to Kami.

Kami had no hands. It was the most difficult part of being with her. It’s not that she was helpless. She needed little help, but Esme saw how much life–and pleasure–relied on touch. Learning the story of Kami’s loss was Esme’s first experience of real hate and real pity. She saw Kami’s eyes flash gold in the firelight. Once before, she had seen her eyes shining so strangely. What followed was violence that led to additional guards in the towers. Esme had never seen so much blood. She forced the memory from her mind.

She left the bed and nuzzled Kami’s ear. Her whispers enticed Kami to lean into her, and the three women fell onto the wide bed. They rolled across silky green sheets and blankets sewn with layers of down. Avestine threw most of the pillows from the bed and dragged Kami to the edge. Esme grew playful, teasing and rewarding Kami with parts of her voluptuous body. Kami giggled and tugged, pleaded and insisted until Esme surrendered to her eager mouth.

Esme had spent many nights with the two women. Neither was truly playful. Rarely did they find joy in bed. Sex was less about pleasure and more about relief, and sometimes it was strategic. It often became a fight that escalated until someone conceded. Avestine usually won. When she didn’t, she sent Kami away and used Esme to regain her sense of control.

Avestine rested on her knees, kissing Kami’s leg, while Kami lay with her head on Esme’s belly. Pausing as if she heard something, Avestine glared at Kami from beneath angry blonde eyebrows. She appeared hot with anger, and the contrast between her reddening cheeks and the pale scar under her eye sharpened. The broken blood vessels that spidered through her eye darkened. When Avestine bared her teeth, Esme knew there would be a fight, and like every other time, she had no idea what incited it.

Avestine seized Kami’s ankles. She kissed Kami’s calves and scraped her teeth against her skin. She rubbed her face across black leg hair, and then she bit into Kami’s thigh. Kami yelped and lunged at Avestine, who caught her arms and yanked her sideways, putting her on her back.

Esme scooted away, bunching up a blanket to shield herself.

Trapping Kami, Avestine kissed her cheek and drifted down her neck. Kami’s defiance eased. She wrapped her legs around Avestine’s waist as the attentive mouth worked its way down her body. Avestine licked and sucked on one nipple and then the other. She nuzzled the soft hair under Kami’s arm and came away looking furious again. Kami smelled like a wild place—earthy, dark, and dangerous. Kami’s scent made Esme feel drunk, but its effect on Avestine was anything but soothing. Avestine pressed Kami against the bed and hissed, “Tell me what you want.”

Kami smiled lazily. “Tell me what you need.”

The provocation drove Esme from the bed.

Avestine’s eyes narrowed. “There’s nothing I need.”

Kami’s laugh ended with a sneer. Avestine pulled her off the bed, but Kami wrestled free. When Avestine slapped her, Kami growled and tackled her. They rolled against the bed, ending with Kami on top. She swung her arms, delivering several blows. Avestine ducked forward, wrapped her arms around Kami, and forced her onto her back. She slid her fingers toward Kami’s wetness just as a knee connected with her chin.

Kami leapt free and stood breathing raggedly. Avestine shook her head. The blow left her groggy. She staggered to her feet. “You bitch,” she said. “Who do you think you are?”

“The thing you need.” Kami’s smile was vicious.

The game was escalating fast. Esme feared being struck by the kind of assault that aroused Kami and rarely slowed Avestine. She glanced around to find that Toqa had already left the room.

Avestine captured Kami and threw her onto the bed. She tried to kiss her, but Kami bucked. Avestine pressed a thigh between her legs, forced Kami’s mouth open with her own, and soon, their bodies were struggling together. Avestine’s fingers caressed Kami’s thighs. She leaned away to savor Kami’s submission, and her fingers paused at the bruised and bleeding bite mark. She smiled. Flickering flames revealed Kami’s taut body in slices of sweat-soaked curves. Her thighs were slick, and a dark slip of tender skin peeked from the pillow of hair that covered her vulva. Avestine spread the hair, savoring the vision as she bent down and pressed her mouth into it.

Kami lost her breath. She folded her arms across her eyes and muttered throaty pleas. Her hips rocked against Avestine’s mouth, and when Avestine slid two fingers into her, Kami groaned. She kept her eyes covered as Esme kissed her and tugged on her lips. Groans became grunts and Kami began to whisper entreaties into Esme’s mouth as she edged closer.

Esme pushed at Kami’s arms until she let Esme climb on top of her. The warmth of Kami’s mouth relaxed the tightness in Esme’s body. She struggled to remain upright, keeping her hips as still as she could while Kami’s tongue rooted through her sensitive flesh. As lips squeezed her clitoris, Esme’s body tightened again. She found it difficult to think. Sweat stung her eyes. She brushed hair from her face and held it back, enjoying the sensation of her own hands clawing at her tangled brunette curls. She rushed toward ecstasy as she watched Avestine’s mouth on Kami and felt Kami’s mouth on her.

She was so close. Her body strained until pleasure felt like a burden and she wanted to scream. She bit her lip until it bled. The tang of iron shocked her. Her heart raced, and she began to shake her head. She pushed at Kami’s arms, but Kami wouldn’t let go. “Please, Mistress, stop.” She scooted away when Kami released her. She moved to the edge of the bed, where she hugged herself to avoid trembling. She found it difficult to think. Both Avestine and Kami were staring at her. She glanced from one to the other, embarrassed at her wantonness and afraid that interrupting their pleasure would anger them further.

Avestine’s eyes narrowed at her. She had seen that gaze many times over the years, but it was never aimed at her. She was too frightened to move. When Avestine reached for her, she flinched as hands like steel pushed her to her back. Avestine was above her, teeth bared. Sweat dripped from her face. The gold clasp on her blonde side braid was cold against Esme’s cheek. Frantic breathing and crackling fires were the only sounds until Kami struck the side of Avestine’s head with her forearm and Avestine swore.

Esme was momentarily relieved when Avestine’s ferocious gaze found another target, but the distraction didn’t last long. Avestine dug her fingernails into Kami’s arm and said, “Let her eat you.” Kami didn’t move. “Do what I tell you.” Avestine shoved Kami away. She pulled Esme to the edge of the bed and knelt on the floor. She spread Esme’s legs and pressed her mouth into her pussy.

The sensual domination by Avestine’s strong jaw and fingers aroused Esme as much as the smothering wetness of Kami’s pussy. Avestine knew Esme’s body better than Kami, so despite her effort to slow down, Esme came quickly. A few minutes later, she felt a cool breeze as Avestine left.

Kami’s dripping heat mingled with hot breath as her hips churned above Esme’s face. Esme slipped a finger into Kami and drew her clitoris between her lips. Kami wasn’t in a hurry, so when she finally convulsed, Esme’s face was drenched and raw from rubbing. She continued to lick until Kami rolled into the disheveled bed and smiled her lazy smile. The blankets were damp, so Esme kicked them away.

Across the room, Avestine sat at her table with a cup of whiskey and a bottle. She had been watching. Esme felt panicky when her gaze met the casual stare. She left the bed feeling unsteady. She wasn’t sure whether her hands trembled from the exhausting night of pleasure or from fear. When she reached Avestine, she knelt and set her delicate hands on Avestine’s knees. Scars covered nearly every part of her, and Esme traced one with her forefinger as she said, “Let me take care of you.”

Avestine leaned forward, her hand lifting Esme’s chin. “Not tonight.” She dragged her thumb across Esme’s lower lip. “Use the harness. I want to watch Kami fuck you.” She sat back and drank from her cup.

Esme peered back at Kami, who smiled slowly. It was the same wicked smile that had provoked Avestine earlier. Esme’s stomach fluttered as she returned to the bed and Kami went to the cabinet where Avestine kept her devices.

Esme’s life at court had taught her a great deal about the pursuits of the powerful. Whether man or woman, those with time and wealth often found perverse ways to pleasure themselves. Other servants shared disturbing stories of their masters’ demands. She had been terrified her first night with Avestine but discovered the warmaster renown for her strategy was surprisingly unimaginative in bed.

Avestine had few expectations and fewer rules, far fewer than her parents. Esme’s mother and father had been bakers in a darkward village. She was raised in a poor family with three sisters. Avestine had seen her selling bread in the city market and made an offer that neither she nor her parents could resist. Her beauty had given her opportunities, but it was her willingness to please that secured the affection of the warmaster.

She was still young enough to marry and have her own family. Avestine had offered to find her a suitable husband, but choosing a husband meant she would leave the court. That was one of the rules: she couldn’t consort with men while she shared Avestine’s bed.

She had seen Avestine in moments of desperation and disappointment. She had seen her beg Kami and submit to Rook on the rare occasions when she shared her bed with a man. Avestine liked to watch, and sometimes she didn’t want to be touched at all. Other times, she demanded hours of service or provided it herself. The knowledge was Esme’s secret, one she didn’t share even with the other servants when they told their stories. Most people believed Avestine was a god, but Esme didn’t think a god would be so needy.

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