Darklaw – World Map (History)

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Someone will always have to make the decision about who lives and who dies. That isn’t evil. That is society.

Rook (Darklaw)

Excerpt | The Meditations

In the days when men still hunted other men for food and the gods did not yet know of their existence, there came one with eyes of the sun. He subdued the tribes in the lands under the Blue Sun and made them one people, both those who worshiped him as divine and those who feared him as demonic. But he was neither. He was a man — a creature more terrible than any god and more enchanting than any demon.

He was Vadim, the First Emperor, and he founded Sahrdon the Eternal, and then he founded Sahrohl, the Kingdom of Stone, and then Sahrsora, the Coast of the Blue Sun. He called his empire the “Dark Three”, and one day, as all men do, he surrendered the flesh beneath the sun, leaving twenty generations of his descendants to savage the lands he had conquered.

After twenty generations of barbaric rule there came another man, a descendant of Vadim, with eyes of the sun. Men forever afterward would know him as ‘The Architect’. On the throne of the world sat an unworthy boy, polluted by sloth and cowardice. The Architect fed the boy’s parts to the eight winds and tamed the rebels of the lands ruled by the Dark Three, the lands now called the ‘Dark Quarter’.

After the Architect built cities and ships, he cast his eyes upon the other three quarters of the world, where the Blue Sun was unknown, where day shone strangely yellow and bright. In these lands lived other gods — lesser gods and demons — and the Son, unsetting as he awaits his return to the Father.

The Meditations | His Graciousness, The Architect of Imperial Darklaw | Written in the Fifth Year

Creator Notes

This particular piece of the Darklaw world is so old, I started it in Corel Draw. That’s before I learned Adobe Illustrator or had much time with Photoshop.

Over the years, I transitioned the file into Illustrator and then Photoshop, once that product got more support for vector and text. Oh yes, I was using Photoshop before it even had layers or text-handling beyond one line.