Darklaw – Sahrdon Coat of Arms (History)

Darklaw Saga. Coat of Arms for the Protectorate of Sahrdon.

The only difference between Avestine and her brother was that she had learned her father’s lessons and passed his tests. The only difference was that she was the monster her father had made, and her brother was merely mad.

Hold Fast the Reins

Excerpt | Works of Mercy

The second generation bore two imperial children, one in the Thirteenth year and one in the Seventeenth year. The Architect called the girl ‘Avestine’ and the boy ‘Avestar’. 

The girl grew strong, displaying those traits that had drawn loyal men to her father: courage, skill, resourcefulness. In his older sister’s shadow the boy grew beautiful in form and nurtured the traits that had driven his father to possess the world: envy, ambition, practicality. Neither child possessed what came to their father only late in his life, a quality reserved for only the old.

When the Architect used his new-found mercy to preserve his people, Avestar grew enraged with envy and struck down his father. It was an act of impiety that damned the generations before the Prophet.

Works Of Mercy | Esavij of the Gray Friars | Written in the Sixty-Fifth Year