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Darklaw Compendium Edition | Detail of Avestine | Click for the Large Image

“I won’t ask you to be anything other than what you are. And you must not ask that of me.”

Avestine (Darklaw)

Excerpt from “In the Shadows of Gods”

AVESTINE rose to power through ruthless strategies in war and skill in battle, and when her loyalty was tested, she did not flinch. At her father’s command, she executed her mother and was rewarded with command of her first legion. She became Emissary of the gods upon the death of the Architect. Once Warmaster and heir to the empire of Darklaw, she was hunted by her insane brother who had murdered their legendary father. Read More

[“In the Shadows of Gods” is a short that follows Darklaw and precedes Darklord]

Character Bio

APOTHEOSIS: Arujan, God of Man, God of Order, Sage/Tyrant

ORIGIN: Sahrdon, Paramountcy of The Dark Three, Dark Quarter
MOTHER: Ekla, Princess of Sahrsora | FATHER: Avenrue (The Architect), Emperor of Darklaw
SIBLINGS: Avestar (brother)

TITLES: Avestine of the Hunt, Commander General of Darklaw, Queen of Sahrdon, Lord Architect in the Second Generation, Emissary in the Thirty-Second Generation, Beloved of Arujan
REFERENCES: Her Imperial Majesty, Her Grace