Darklaw – New Edition Cover Avestine Detail

Darklaw Compendium Edition | Cover WIP with detail of Avestine

Avestine was a woman full of dogs, all snarling but ultimately afraid. Kami wondered about a child growing up with such privilege and such violence, a child who had learned her value rested on strength and then grew to discover she didn’t have enough. Avestine seemed less a woman than the scars left from weapons no child should ever know.


Creator Notes

Cover by Boris Vallejo

The 3rd edition of Darklaw (a compendium edition with new illustrations and stories, revised) will be coming out at the end of this year (2021). This is a detail from the digital art for the new print cover. I wanted to do a cover reminiscent of the 1980’s Tarzan book covers by Boris: naturalistic, bold, earthy, character focused. I still have the whole collection.

Avestine will be joined by Rook and Kami on this book cover when it’s finished. For the Demonrise webcomic and many illustrations, I’ve been using Clip Studio Paint for the last few years. I love that program. But I also love Procreate. For pure painterly illustrations, I can’t do better than Procreate on my iPad pro.