Darklaw – New Edition Cover Rook Detail

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Rook’s focus could shift in a blink from what he saw to what he believed without the burden of acknowledging the difference. Like the architecture of a solemn temple, his rugged face nuanced severity in each scar and blemish and promised a truth for every hope. And yet, despite his driven spirit, the voice that emerged from him was less fire than smoke.


Character Bio

ROOK is a spiritual warrior, avowed to protect the emissary from all threats, including the emissary’s own madness. He came to serve her when they were both yet children. In the bonding ceremony, Avestine took his hands, and he became an Essanti of Justice:

Without the means of worldly power, only faith remains, and great is the faith of the Essanti. To the Emissary the Essanti offers his hands so that his power will be made vulnerable by pain, dependent by castigation. By his deformity will the Essanti’s shame be known. By his deformity will his power be feared. He is an instrument of the gods. He is no longer a man. He is Essanti. Strength a means. Life a debt. Future a god.

APOTHEOSIS: Coth, God of Justice, God of Judgment, Warrior/Murderer

ORIGIN: Sahrsora, Paramountcy of The Dark Three, Dark Quarter
MOTHER: Vestalia, Essanti of Justice | FATHER: Rook, Essanti of Mercy
SIBLINGS Reves (brother), Riston (brother), Rayna (sister)

TITLES: Essanti of Justice, Professed of the Thirteenth Devotion
REFERENCE STYLES: Brother, Essanti