Darklaw – New Edition Cover Rook Detail

Rook’s focus could shift in a blink from what he saw to what he believed without the burden of acknowledging the difference. Like the architecture of a solemn temple, his rugged face nuanced severity in each scar and blemish and promised a truth for every hope. And yet, despite his driven spirit, the voice that emerged from him was less fire than smoke.


Creator Notes

Rook is the last of the main characters for the new edition cover of Darklaw. I will likely make small changes to the images over the next few months. I find I have to return to an image over a few months to see it with fresh eyes in order to get a broader perspective. While I’m immersed in the creation, I fixate on certain parts and don’t see how other parts might not be working. Same with writing a story. As I make changes, I’ll simply update this image.