Darklaw – New Edition Cover Kami Detail

Darklaw Compendium Edition | Cover WIP with detail of Kami

Before she was ten, she had seen more lust and violence than most people ever do, and was more confused about the difference. As often as she tried, as often as she had seen it, she couldn’t understand why any woman would open her door, or her legs, for a man. Some did it for coin, others claimed it was for pleasure. Kami was sure women lied about that, but why they lied was a mystery.


Creator Notes

I’m digitally painting the characters from Darklaw in Procreate with my iPad Pro. You may notice this version of Kami has her hands. She doesn’t lose them until halfway through the novel Darklaw.

As I get more comfortable with the medium and program, I enjoy making new renditions of the characters. I also enjoy creating them in different styles. Here, it’s naturalistic painting. The webcomic has a stylized version. I have done B&W versions and may one day even do 3D versions.