Darklaw – Episode 76

KAMI GLANCED BACK at the bed. The bedposts had ends carved like leaping fish. She frowned but couldn’t look away as her eyes roamed the voluptuous contours of the smooth wood and her body tingled at the thought of sliding it inside.

“Do it,” growled Avestine in her smokiest voice.

Kami got onto the bed, balancing as she straddled the footboard and lowered herself onto the fish.

Avestine watched, captivated. Her nostrils flared and her jaw flexed. When Avestine stared at her with the stillness of a hungry wolf, Kami knew she was seething with arousal.

Kami began to ride the post, rotating her hips and sliding up-and-down. She closed her eyes and every sense focused on the pleasure between her legs. She flexed her abdomen and drew her hips upward, sliding the curvy fish against the back of her clitoris. Her body reflexively jerked and she moaned and bore down again, taking most of the carving into her.

Kami groaned, and the wood slid around in her with smacking sounds. And still, the stimulation wasn’t enough, so Kami tried to balance herself with one arm as she rubbed herself with the other. Her arms shook, her thighs trembled, and she couldn’t rub fast enough. She cried out with frustration and complained with a curse at Cochin.

Pleasure shot into her from her breasts. She gasped and opened her eyes to see Avestine pinching and tugging at her nipples. Kami arched her chest, urging Avestine to be rougher, and as Avestine abused her puckered nipples, Kami’s eyes rolled back and pleasure peaked, sending waves of ecstasy through her body.

Kami fell with exhaustion onto the bed, but before she could catch her breath, Avestine climbed onto her. “Eat me,” she commanded, and Kami obediently licked until Avestine told her to stop.

When Kami sat up, she could see Avestine was tired. Avestine stretched before putting on a robe. When Kami reached for her robe, Avestine told her to stay naked and then slid a chair to the side of the bed and sat down with a bottle. She propped her legs on the mattress and poured herself a cup. “A long sunfall, whiskey, and you. All I need.”

“You would get bored.”

“No. Yes, maybe. No, no. That was true once.”

Kami reached again for her robe. “I’m cold.”

“Don’t care. I want to see your tits.”

Kami put on her robe and left the front open, her breasts exposed between the draping sides. Avestine sighed. “I like that.”

Kami sat up. “You weren’t meant to sit in a palace.”

“Oh, but the enemies I’ve made. I do need to sit in this palace. I need to improve my politics.” She took a drink, never taking her eyes from Kami’s breasts. “Gerard’s been tutoring me in compromise—treaties, meetings, trade. Appeals of every sort. I’d as soon send the lot to work the walls, but Gerard insists I consider the petitions of citizens, especially the wealthy ones.” She downed the whiskey in her glass. “And of course he’s right, but this governing is something for the young.”

Kami threw her head back into the pillows. “That’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever said. Look at Severesh. Governing is for the old. But you’re neither, are you? You need a fight, that’s all. You’re dark and magnificent, incapable of any lasting repose. There’s nothing convalescent about you.”

Avestine’s smile was indulgent. “I forgot you have the heart of a poet. You show it so rarely these days. Or is this something more?” She set her feet down and leaned forward, her posture challenging. “Are you in love with me, child?”

Kami bristled. “Love’s just an apparition haunting our lives. Lust is the only reality.”

“Will you ever find a use for people, I wonder?”

Kami tried to give the impression she was bored. “If you’re not fighting, you’re serving something. If you’re fighting, you’re free.”

“When are you freer than when you’ve nothing left to fear?”

“Are you telling me you have no more stomach for war?”

Avestine’s eyes flashed but she forced a laugh. “Just the opposite. Besides, I’m not the one always going on about being free. There’s an order to things, and I’m not afraid of my duty. I don’t stay here because I’m safe. I still have a kingdom to win. Arrowreign isn’t mine. Not yet. Once I stop Severesh and the Sovereignty and reinforce the walls and build up the navy, then I can look toward Sahrdon.”

“That’s it? That’s your goal? Shore up your power here so you can use this land, these people to take back the throne?”

“Of course.”

“I’m sure there are many Sahr who think you have a legitimate claim. You probably wouldn’t have the fight you expect.”

Avestine leaned forward as if she were trying to get a good look into Kami’s eyes. “That would make sense if all I wanted was Sahrdon.”

“You have such a precise narcissism.”

“What does that mean?”

“You said you wanted Sahrdon, so why bother with all the rest?”

“I said I wanted Sahrdon. I didn’t say that’s all I wanted.”

Kami rolled out of bed. “Are you playing wounded with me?”

“Sitting here in a palace listening to men bicker about crops and cows is the worst sort of tedium. I put up with it because it won’t always be so. My next step is to break up Avjakar and the Sovereignty alliance.”

“So, Avjakar, Koledoon, Sahrdon. Then what? Once you command all the world, what then? You’ll have to return to managing bickering citizens again, only then it will be so many more complaints and petty fights.”

“There will always be another war.”

Kami let her irritation show and wrapped the robe completely around her. “What comes after Sahrdon?”

“Show me your tits.”


“Do what I tell you.”

“Or what?”

“Or I won’t screw you ever again.”

Avestine’s response surprised Kami. She blinked repeatedly. “What kind of threat is that?”

“The only one that matters to you.”

Kami wondered if she were serious. “You’d miss me too much.”

“I screw a lot of people besides you, child.”

“You think I need you?” When Avestine didn’t answer, Kami said, “This isn’t your kind of game.” Avestine’s expression didn’t change. Kami considered what giving in to Avestine meant, but she shrugged and threw open her robe. She lay back and spread her legs, and enjoyed the shock of desire that flashed

through Avestine’s eyes. Kami reached down and spread her labia, but her clitoris was still sensitive, so she rubbed around the wet flesh.

“It’s so beautiful,” muttered Avestine. She licked her lips.

“I would miss you,” confessed Kami. “You wouldn’t really leave me, would you?”

“You’re right, you know. Lust is the only reality. At least it seems that way when I’m with you. Every sensation is more real when I’m with you.”

“Do you love me?”

“I feel many things for you, child.”

Kami knew what that meant. “I hate you, too.”

“I’ve always said you’re a smart girl.” Avestine drew a deep breath. “So, the Avatars have returned. Do you feel the god stirring in you?”

Kami shook her head, not wanting to start another argument, and she could see Avestine knew the truth anyway.

“That means the demons aren’t far behind,” said Avestine.

“You’ll finish the war your brother started.”

“You have a decision to make, child. Him or me.”

“I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

“Of course not.”

Kami remained defiant. “I won’t help you kill him.” “You’ll have to take a side. Everyone must take a side. Even the gods.” Avestine glanced away. “Especially the gods.”

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