Darklaw – Episode 75

AVESTINE’S EYES WIDENED, then narrowed, then eased. “There was a time when I was the one you worshipped.”

Kami smiled. “I still do.” She slid her arms beneath the loose band of Avestine’s linen pants. Avestine wrapped her leg around one of Kami’s. Kami pressed her lips against Avestine’s, opened her mouth to receive her tongue. Scratching nearby drew Kami’s attention.

“Mice in the walls,” said Avestine with a shrug. “Should I call a servant?”

The scratching continued and rose from another wall. Avestine tensed and sat up. The scratching grew louder. “What is it?”

“When you got in bed,” said Kami, “you startled me. I was with them. My distraction confused them. They’re confused.”

“Confused about what?”

“What they should be doing.”

Avestine jumped as the candle on the table beside the bed flickered. The flame sizzled and a puff of black smoke left a sour smell.

“Spider,” said Kami.

“Did you bring them here? Get them out!”

Kami closed her eyes and reached out, seeking the small lives that shared the room and even the bed with them. She soothed the agitation, redirected hunger, and turned the small army around. As her bestial sense wandered along the bed, she stumbled across lives smaller than those she had known. She followed their efforts as they hunted and grew and bred.

She had no names for these creatures, small as they were, and couldn’t identify the world they called their own. It was wet and warm, with a rhythmic thundering and rushing rivers. She passed colonies of bizarre creatures that worked as one and others in life-and-death cycles that passed with each breath. Because this tiny world absorbed her attention, she was shocked to hit a large coiled creature. Its tail flicked gently, but its mouth attached to the swampy ground.

Kami roamed along a path that wound about like a road and passed through a tunnel. She followed an ascent and reached a place where hurricane winds hurt her ears. The little beasts that made that journey sought cracks and disappeared. The air swept up some of the weaker ones and threw them upward and away from the warm island to a cold, desolate place.

Kami opened her eyes, and Avestine was staring at her. “Are they gone?”

Kami blinked a few times before realizing where she was. “Yes. Yes, they left. Home.” She scrutinized Avestine’s body until Avestine asked her what she was looking for. “Do you know you have a tapeworm?”


Kami touched her gut just above her navel. “Here. It’s small. The healers probably have a tea that can kill it.”

“Then you probably have one, too.”

Kami looked down at her stomach. “Do you have any idea how many creatures live inside us?”

“What kind of creatures?”

“They’re everywhere. We’re like walking cities for thousands of beasts.”

“Thousands? I don’t see anything. Are we sick?”

She looked up at Avestine. “You’re right. I have one, too.” Kami watched Avestine for a moment before saying, “I’m sorry to scare you.”

“You’ve ruined my mood.”

“You don’t have anything to worry about.” Kami rolled on top of Avestine and kissed her, with a mouth hungry from long deprivation. The thought of all the strange life inside and outside Avestine stirred Kami’s sense of expansion. Like every other person, Avestine was more than she appeared to be, and she had already been more than enough.

Kami tasted her breath, hot and bitter from whiskey, but what seized her attention was the sweet scent of desire. Kami knew how wet Avestine was just from her odor, and she craved to taste the thing that was already beginning to steal her sanity.

Despite Kami’s resistance, Avestine took hold of her shoulders and rolled her to her back. She rose abruptly to her knees and began removing Kami’s clothes.

Kami tried to slow Avestine’s anxious hands, but that only caused torn clothes and scratched skin. When Kami was naked, Avestine sat back and looked at her. Kami wanted Avestine’s mouth, but Avestine was staring at the studded wrist cap.

Avestine took hold of her wrist. “This is how I cage a god.”

“I’m not helpless.”

“I’m not talking about taking your hands.” Avestine climbed onto Kami and sat on her thighs.

Kami stopped Avestine’s hands when they reached for her breasts. “Then what are you talking about?”

Desire once again surged through Avestine as she experienced the power so important to her pleasure. “You made your oath to me, didn’t you?”

Kami didn’t want to fight. She just wanted Avestine to sit on her face. Clarity was difficult, but she recalled Avestine’s unwritten rules of passion. She needed a fight, so Kami took a deep breath and swung her arm. Avestine could only offer an astonished expression as the wrist cap hit her jaw and knocked her from the bed.

Kami lay back, waiting for the inevitable rage, but from the dead silence rose laughter. She peered over the edge of the bed. Avestine lay on her back. When she saw Kami, her humor disappeared. “I’ll shut up now, child, but it’s you riding my face.”

A squeak escaped from Kami as she eagerly scrambled from the bed and straddled Avestine’s face. Arms curled around her thighs as warm breath and a soft tongue invaded her intimate flesh. Kami humped Avestine’s face, bracing herself against the bed and groaning with the pain of an impoverished pleasure.

She closed her eyes as arousal cascaded through her body, rolling across nerves and muscles, forcing beads of sweat through skin, drawing inarticulate grunts from her throat, sending shivers up her neck and tingling along her skin from under her scalp to her toes. When Kami continued to ride hard, Avestine tipped her until she fell to the floor.

Kami hugged her knees against her chest, spreading wide and complaining that she wasn’t done. She rocked back and forth until hands pried at her legs. She opened her eyes as Avestine leaned into her. A short, leather-bound rod hung from between Avestine’s legs, attached to her hips with leather straps. Kami wasn’t sure what was happening until Avestine pressed the tip into her.

Kami squirmed to get away, but Avestine held her tight. With each push, Kami cried out even louder, so Avestine finally stopped. She took hold of Kami’s ankles. “Stop fighting me.”

“I don’t want it.”

“I didn’t ask what you wanted.” Avestine dragged Kami closer, until Kami’s thighs rested across hers. She slid the rod around against Kami’s skin to get it wet.

“It’s too big.”

Avestine laughed. “No such thing. I told you to relax.” She drew her hips back and pushed a finger into Kami. “Does this feel good?”

Kami liked the sensation of Avestine’s warm finger inside her. Her heart raced as she looked at Avestine above her, stark eyes observing every nuance of her reaction. Avestine sneered, and Kami’s blood surged. The discomfort became pleasurably compulsive, commanding. She began to grind against Avestine’s hand. She wanted to feel the intrusion deeper. She wanted to feel more.

Another finger joined the first, the stretch stinging before increasing the pressure and the compulsion to grind. Avestine moved down, and Kami began to rise against Avestine’s mouth and hand, and she let her arms fall to the floor above her head. Her head rocked back and forth, and she repeatedly muttered “Yes” with every swath of Avestine’s tongue.

Avestine sat up and drew Kami’s hips closer. She pressed the rod into her with shallow strokes that gradually deepened, while her thumb massaged. After Avestine stopped rubbing, Kami continued to rub herself with a stud on the wrist cap.

“That’s my girl,” Avestine said in her coarse voice. “I know you want it.” As she watched Kami masturbating, Avestine’s eyelids drooped. “Always in heat, aren’t you?”

Kami liked it when Avestine was angry with arousal. “Would you like to watch me alone? I do it all the time.”

Avestine’s body clenched with excitement. She leaned forward until she was resting on her hands and knees. Sweat dripped from her temples. Kami’s legs hooked around Avestine’s thighs, and as Avestine dropped her hips, the rod sank into Kami’s wet slit.

Kami’s legs eased out so her knees almost touched the floor. Her spread legs made Avestine feel vicious. She continued with vigor.

Pleasure soon blinded Kami, but she couldn’t find the release her body sought. Avestine became lost in her own pleasure, and she climaxed quickly. By the time Avestine stopped, Kami was sore from the friction. Avestine unbuckled the harness around her hips and removed it. Kami saw the other end of the leather rod had been inside Avestine.

“Drink?” offered Avestine.

“I’m not done,” said Kami. “I didn’t come.”

Avestine smiled slowly. “I didn’t mean you to.”

Kami tried her best to sneer, but she was desperately aroused and found it hard to look away from Avestine’s lips.

Avestine nodded behind Kami. “This bed has posts.”

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