Darklaw – Episode 72

KAMI DIDN’T LIKE ships. She didn’t have the stomach for it and spent the first days on deck vomiting over the rail. Rook insisted she focus on the shoreline, but it didn’t help. All that eased her stomach was letting her mind wander the sea with the fish. As long as she was swimming with creatures native to the sea, she felt better.

They sailed toward Trader Bay. As the sun was falling, Kami stood leaning on the railing, staring down into the water. Her senses were in the cool depths with a barracuda that followed the ship because it followed a reflection from one of its lanterns. The fish was hungry and she pushed it along, sending it from the light.

“What do you see?” asked someone.

She turned with a start and blinked several times. Rook. “Fish. A fish. Cold.” She blinked again.

“Are you all right?”

“I don’t know.”

“Avestine was angry when you left.”

“I can’t seem to keep a single thought in my head. I miss her. I hate her. What about you?” She watched his eyes wander and said, “I’m curious. Have you seen any ghosts?”


“I’m beginning to understand the Avatars.”

“No one understands the Avatars.”

“You only wish you didn’t, because Coth is no longer speaking to you through the emanation. You are the emanation. That means you can see the dead, and you must be seeing ghosts.”

He nodded ever so slightly.

For over thirty years, he had been a man who served, who obeyed, and who protected. How difficult would it be to become the one on the other side of that relationship? Not long ago, he had urged her to put away her anger and embrace duty, and now she saw that he found his own sense of obedience wavering.

A splash drew their attention, followed by a fish leaping high out of the water. It was the barracuda. She sensed its confusion and tried to send it away. It leapt a few more times before swimming off.

Rook watched patiently. When she turned back to him, he asked, “You’re going to sleep on deck again?”

“Unless I want to throw up.”

Rook walked around an interior railing and returned with an armful of blankets.

Later, as sunfall continued, they lay looking out at the sea. Rook rested on his side, holding Kami with one arm. She lay on her side, her back to him, her attention accompanying a whale.

Rook’s breath blew warm and steady on her neck. She didn’t realize he was speaking to her until he had raised himself on his elbow. “Do you remember?”

She looked up into his bright eyes and remembered the first time she had seen them, how full of amusement they were, how quickly they became angry. “Do I remember what?”

“The sea?” His expression was inquisitive. “The sand? The black crabs? The cave?”

Abandoned to the memory of their private sensuality, she closed her eyes, and he leaned forward. His kiss was gentle and wet. He smelled musky and tasted of salt. He slid his arms under her shoulders, and she wrapped her arms around his neck wishing she had hands to run through his hair. “At least they left us our tongues.”

His hardness against her leg startled her. She pulled him close so she could run her lips across his cheek to his ear. She liked the roughness of his stubble and spent a great deal of time circling her lips around his face. He closed his eyes. She wound her leg around his and began to rock against him.

Kami felt herself back on the dream beach, and she asked how the brutal man she had watched with Avestine could be so kind. He whispered, “You and I have no demon to share.”

She lifted his tunic and needed his help to unfasten his belt. When he drew out his cock, it was hard, a drop of clear liquid at its tip. It seemed larger than in the dream, with a wide purplish head and protruding veins.

“Every boy in the palace was circumcised before he turned sixteen,” he said, his breath blowing hotly into her face.

“They still are.”


“Every man I serviced was, too.”

“Terrible what you’ve gone through.”

“No worse than you.”

“Or her. The Architect had such power. He thought he could control everything, even a boy’s virtue. The loss didn’t help my virtue. It only made it ugly. Not as bad as what he did to his own son, though.”

“Avestar was fully able, if that’s what you mean.”

“He was infibulated when he was fifteen. The pin was removed only after the Architect’s death. He was mad as a boy, but how much worse after fifteen years of no satisfaction? I always wondered why the Architect didn’t castrate him, until I realized castration would have been kinder.”

Kami returned her attention to Rook, thinking he was right. His body was ugly but in a fascinating, masculine way that made it compelling.

Rook grunted when she touched the knot of skin beneath the head. She mounted him and used one arm to guide him into her. He pushed into her pulsing warmth. When she had all of him inside, she began to swirl her hips. She lay on his chest.

He held her around her waist, and his handless arms were stronger than she expected. She rocked back and forth, keeping him entirely inside but sliding around. The constant pressure and slight abrasion had her dizzy with pleasure.

They lurched together for some time before she realized he was trying to roll her over. She gave in, and when he rose to his knees above her. She almost didn’t react in time as he plunged it toward her. She stopped him by scooting away, and he apologized, even as he pressed toward her with unrelenting desire.

She lay back and spread her legs, and he re-entered her slowly. His strength was not so apparent until there was passion behind it, and she realized even if she wanted to, she couldn’t stop him. But she didn’t want to stop him.

She loosened her muscles as she tried to take more of him. His moans kept rhythm with his thrusting. His arms rested to either side of her head. She curled her legs around his back, and they both adjusted, shifting and spreading as best they could in service to their interlocking flesh.

She braced herself as he worked tirelessly toward climax. Sweat dripped from his face to hers and their secretions lubricated every sensitive surface, adding slick sounds to an accompaniment of moans. Her head rocked compulsively, anticipating each thrust, even as her body ached for resolution.

Rook gasped and began to thrust frantically before his weight pressed deep into her. He fastened his mouth onto her shoulder in a long, silent shout. When his tension was gone, he peeled his sticky skin from hers and lay to her side, breathing against her cheek. “Are you all right?” he asked.

“Are you done?”

He lifted his head to get a good look into her face. “No?” he said with an inquisitive eyebrow. “Is that the right answer?”

Nodding, she said, “That’s the right answer.”

“You know, I’m not twenty. It’ll take a while.”

“For what?”

He gestured under the blanket. “To be ready again.”

“Well, it won’t take me a while.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply as she rocked against his thigh. She climbed onto him and humped his leg, working herself into desperate panting before she rolled onto her back. She lifted her knees, spreading wide. “Lick me.”

He looked at her a long time, as if he couldn’t will himself to move. He touched her cheek. “That’s all right. I think I’m ready now.”

She held him back when he tried to crawl on top of her. She had heard his thoughts and knew he expected her to feel ashamed. “I’m not sure why it matters that my mother was a whore, when men like you are paying for the service. What do you have against pleasuring a woman?”

“There are proper ways to do that.”

“I can tell you the most proper way is with your tongue.”

“Avestine had to threaten servants, and sometimes she paid whores to lick her. You’re the only one who ever did it by choice. Why do you think you’re so special to her? Maybe it’s the emanation you serve or the things you saw and suffered. I don’t blame you. The perversion isn’t your fault, but you can’t expect a man to do such a thing.”

“You’re not doing much for my opinion of men.”

“Then maybe we shouldn’t talk.”

“Yes, that seems to work better.” She rolled to her side, leaving her back to Rook and felt the hot breath from his sigh blow across her shoulder.

“What I meant is we don’t need to talk to finish this.”

“Finish what? Finish me or you?”

“I can last as long as you want. Your wantonness is compelling.”

“You’re a pig.”

He nodded.

“We do it like I want.” She got on all fours, thrusting her ass toward him.

“What’s this? Like dogs?”

“Take it or leave it.”

“Someone might see us.”

“I’m sure they already have.”

“This is obscene.” He mounted her, wrapping his arms around her hips. He bent over her and began thrusting.

“Yes,” she groaned, letting her shoulders drop to the deck and reaching to rub her clitoris.

He sat back, thrusting as she spread beneath him. “You can’t tell her about this,” he said. “She would kill me.”

“I thought we weren’t going to talk.”

He didn’t speak again and was true to his word, lasting long enough for Kami to reach satisfaction before he, too, emptied himself of passion and fell asleep at her side.

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