Darklaw – Episode 68

KAMI ATE LUNCH with Rook at a courtyard gazebo. Avestine was dining with the rest of her senior staff in the public hall, pointedly showing her disdain for the previous attack.

“You’re not hungry?” asked Rook.

Kami poked at the fish on her plate and looked off into the orchard surrounding them. White blossoms covered the apple trees. “Thought I was.”

“Thinking about Gerard?”


“I have to start training Wald. That’s why I asked you here for lunch.” He rested his arm on a book.

“Wald bothers you. Why? You trained me well enough.”

“And I’ve trained many before you. It’s just that he’s a…” Rook closed his mouth, thought a moment, and said, “He offered to, uh…” He sighed.

Kami was intrigued. “She told me. Why feel such discomfort at being desired?”

“He’s an Essanti of Mercy. I follow the light of Justice. We’re twin souls. Twin souls are usually compatible, like brothers. I’ll never have such familiarity with him.”

“You managed me, Rook. I can’t imagine anyone more different from you. Can you?”

He laughed.

“What would my twin be like? A man or woman. Young or old?”

“Essanti of Cognition are as rare as Instinct. I don’t know of any.”

“What would she be like? Where would I find her?”

“Most Essanti these days are in the Demonforest.” He shook his head. “Anyway, I need your help. That’s why I wanted to talk to you.” He pushed the book toward Kami. “This is the Codex of the Essanti. You probably saw a copy of it during your bonding ceremony with Avestar. I want you to keep it until I’m done with Wald. Read it, so you can help with the ritual when we’re done with his dream.”

Kami pushed the book away. “I’m not going to be part of that.”

“You must. It’s the duty of all Essanti to witness the bonding.”

“I won’t be here. I’m going to the Demonforest. I’m leaving the Trade Quarter.”

Rook sat back in shock. “Has Avestine agreed to this?”

“I’m telling her tonight.”

“Kami, you have to stop this rebelling. It gets you nowhere.”

“I need to breathe. I’m suffocating in the city.”

“For how long?”


“You think you’re just going to leave, never see her again?”

“Her brother’s probably dead. She can manage Avjakar and Koledoon, and she has you and Wald. She’ll be fine.”

“I thought you loved her.”

“I love many things.”

“You can’t ignore your duty.”

“Don’t worry about me. Don’t worry about her.”

“I always worry about her.”

Kami walked around the table and paused before Rook. “I’ll miss you.” She kissed his head and walked away.

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