Darklaw – Episode 62

AVESTINE’S MOUTH DRIFTED to Kami’s throat as she held Kami captive beneath her. She groped Kami’s thighs and reached between them and found wetness. Her voice cracked as she said, “Oh, I’ve missed you.”

Kami pressed Avestine’s hand against her more firmly, and Avestine worked a finger into her. Kami lay passively, breathing deeply.

Avestine wondered if Kami would ever understand the power she had to move her, how her presence let her smell more, taste more, hear more, feel more. The world became bigger and more exciting. Everything had the ability to touch her when she was with Kami, even things invisible to her awareness the rest of the time, like the sound of a cricket in the wall or the smell of the books on the shelf. She luxuriated in Kami’s raw sensation, the other half of the Emanation of Instinct, whose shadow side appeared capable of consuming the world.

“That’s my girl,” said Avestine, speaking into the hollow of Kami’s open mouth. “Tell me how good my finger feels.”

“So good,” murmured Kami. “I burn just imagining it, and I imagine it all the time. Your finger in me, your lips rubbing mine, your tongue in my mouth. I burn just thinking of you.”

Avestine rubbed Kami’s clitoris with her thumb as she squeezed another finger into her.

“You smell so good,” said Kami in a shaky voice. “I couldn’t forget your scent, even in Sahrdon. I touched myself so many times thinking of you.”

Hearing Kami’s lustful muttering left Avestine trembling and unable to control her thoughts. Her earlier experience of expansiveness shrank until she was in a tunnel, and all that was left of her awareness was physical sensation. She leaned down and bit Kami’s arm.

Kami cried out as Avestine’s teeth cut into her skin. The tang of blood brought Avestine back to the moment, gave her back her mind. She breathed heavily, as if the way back to sense had been a run. “Are you all right?”

Kami rolled on top of her, kissed her mouth, sucked her lips. She began grinding against her thigh. Avestine raised her own thigh for better contact. As she humped Avestine’s leg, Kami buried her face in the blanket.

Avestine’s stomach tightened and her blood surged. There was nothing better in all the world than when Kami was needy. And still, Avestine wanted more. She wanted Kami desperate but compliant. She lifted Kami by her hips and set her on the bed. Kami grappled with her, trying to climb back on, but she fell back defeated when Avestine left the bed.

Avestine stripped off her clothes and stood naked. “You’re going to lie still.” She pushed Kami to her back, lifted her leg with a steely grip around the ankle, and straddled the other. She pushed Kami’s leg until she complained, and then she pushed it a little farther. She rubbed against Kami, her lean torso sinuating slowly as the hairy patches between their legs met.

Avestine’s free hand roamed across Kami’s belly and squeezed the pad of flesh. She was thinner than before Sahrdon, but still smooth and fleshy. Avestine wrapped both arms around Kami’s leg, holding it against her. The friction burned and sweat mingled on their slick thighs. Kami rubbed her own breasts with her wrists, while Avestine bore down, growing frantic for a sensation she couldn’t name—not the familiar pleasure of taking or consuming, but of being consumed.

Kami complained without words, grunting and shifting a little. She sucked on her own arm.

Their mouths wrestled until Kami bit Avestine’s lip. Avestine turned her face, and Kami sliced into her cheek with her incisors. Avestine cried out and seized Kami by the throat, choking her until she disengaged her teeth. With pressure from her thumb, Avestine turned Kami’s head and sucked her neck ferociously. The small squirming body was the final stimulation Avestine needed. Pleasure erupted from between her legs and engulfed the rest of her in waves of ecstasy. By the time she rolled off, she was breathless.

Kami coughed and rubbed her neck. Her eyes roamed over Avestine. “Your face,” she said. “Your throat,” Avestine said.

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