Darklaw – Episode 37

AVESTINE SAT IN the courtyard of the palace, looking across to the ridge beyond the city, to where she had begun her ambitious assault.

Gerard sat nearby, staring into the same distance. “A well-deserved rest.”

She straightened. “Not likely. The forest around us is ripe with spies and undoubtedly some renegade soldiers. Maybe even Avjakar scouts. Koledoon has already learned of what we’ve done, and Hamran will either come, expecting to take my place or to get some pay-off for the soldiers I stole. We had only one enemy before. Success has made us an enemy of the whole world.”

“What was the advantage in seizing this city? You had a command of your own, comforts and a life in Avjakar and then at Koledoon. You’ve risked so much for this meager city. How long can you withstand all those enemies?”

“I might ask the same of you, Gerard. You’ve followed me every step of the way.”

After a moment’s thought, he smiled wryly. “Ambition to match your own, I believe.”

She slapped him on the shoulder. “I’ll protect this land from my brother, and one day I will take back the rest of the world from him. He’ll pay for what he did to my father and to me.”

“Revenge is a cold lover.”

Avestine’s eyes lit up. “Oh, and I’ll have plenty of those, too.”

She had already sent her thuggish guard, a man named Japet, along with a female servant to find several whores who could pass as the chambermaid’s assistants. Not long after Gerard left for his quarters, a messenger arrived with news that Japet had returned and was waiting for her. When Avestine reached her own room, she found Japet waiting with two girls. The chambermaid had the girls put into well-fitted dresses.

Avestine stood before the girls. Neither appeared yet thirty. They kept their heads bowed, so she lifted the taller one’s chin. “What’s your name?”

“Kaly, Excellency.” She was so nervous she was trembling and looked as if she might cry. Her narrow face was smooth and skin unblemished. She had large brown eyes and dark lashes. Her brunette hair was thick and straight, and she smelled of ripe berries.

Avestine lifted the other girl’s chin. She was tall, too, with brown hair, brown eyes, and freckles. She smelled like fresh bread. Before Avestine asked, the girl said boldly, “My name is Amilese, Excellency.”

Glancing from Amilese to Kaly, Avestine said, “Don’t be afraid. Did Japet tell you why you’re here?”

“Service to the queen,” answered Amilese. She smiled hesitantly. “Excellency.”

“And you understand the service?”

They nodded.

“Neither of you are new to this, is that right?”

They nodded again.

“Have either of you bedded a woman before?”

“I have, Excellency,” said Amilese.

Avestine waited for Kaly, but she seemed unable to speak and just shook her head and struggled against a tight throat. Her fear was intriguing, but not for the usual reason. “Why are you so nervous?” Avestine asked.

“N-n-no,” said Kaly. “I’m not. I’m sorry.” She looked at the ground. “Forgive me, Excellency. When your guard and servant were asking around, I took the opportunity…I thought I might…” She burst out in tears and then shuddered as she tried to stop.

Avestine recognized the girl’s difficulty. “You’re not a whore.”

Amilese leaned in to get Avestine’s attention. “I can do anything you wish, Excellency.” She smiled, trying to make it seductive.

“You don’t need to protect her.” Avestine admired Amilese’s courage. “Is she your friend?”

“I only met her in the wagon.”

Both Avestine and Amilese watched Kaly fighting her tears before Avestine finally said, “You’re here now. I’m not inclined to let you go. Do you have family looking for you?”

“N-no, Excellency. No one. That’s why…that’s why…” She wiped her tears away and stood straighter. “I’m here. I can be a good servant. Let me help the maids. I’ll clean, dress you. I can sew. Anything you need.”

Avestine pulled out the tie holding her queue and shook her hair loose. “What I need are girls for my bed.” She reached out and rubbed a thumb along Kaly’s lip. “I can get you something that might calm you.”

Kaly blinked a few times, and Avestine saw a resolve quicken inside the girl. “Yes, Excellency. Anything you say.”

“Here are the rules. You’ll be available whenever I send for you. You’ll do what I tell you, when I tell you, and the rest of the time, you’ll help the chambermaid with her work. You’re not to leave my suite of rooms, which includes this room, the three servants’ quarters, the baths, the pantry, the balcony, and the toilet. Japet or another guard will bring your meals. I’ll take good care of you, but if I find either one of you servicing a man, I’ll return you to the street with a fresh whipping.”

Both looked at her with eyes wide.

She stepped back and appraised each of them, appreciating the low sweep of the dresses that revealed the rise of their tender breasts. “Who’s first?”

Amilese and Kaly shared a look and Amilese stepped forward.

Avestine kissed the young mouth. Amilese was nearly as tall as her, and she drew Avestine’s face closer as she spread her lips. Avestine licked her mouth, and Amilese responded with her own gentle tongue. The small mouth, soft lips, and warm breath were more than Avestine had hoped for. She took Amilese to bed and fell with her onto the burgundy blanket.

Amilese rolled on top and slipped her leg between Avestine’s thighs. She pressed small kisses to Avestine’s lips and slid her lips around the moisture when Avestine licked them.

Amilese sat up and began to slide back-and-forth and circle her hips on Avestine’s thigh. Avestine said, “Show me your tits.”

When Amilese smiled, Avestine thought of Kami, who never smiled in bed. Kami’s passion rarely allowed a smile. Her passion was painful and compulsive. Women who smiled were trying to please her and probably feeling little desire themselves. No one had ever been more honest than Kami, even when she was lying.

Avestine said, “Don’t smile. Not in bed.”

Amilese appeared confused, but her smile disappeared and she pulled down the neckline of her dress over her breasts, leaving them resting on the neckline. Her breasts were firm and smooth, and as she lean back, her thick nipples rolled toward the ceiling, appearing cherry-red, as if they had been abused. Avestine wondered who had abused her, just until Amilese began tugging mercilessly on them.

The sight drove Avestine on. She manhandled Amilese’s hips with rough hands, dragging her across her raised thigh in rhythm to her own rocking hips. Her mouth was dry, and she whispered hoarsely, “That’s it. Ride it.”

“I want you to love me,” moaned Amilese. She gazed into Avestine’s eyes with a pout on her lips.

Avestine pushed her to her back. “Then stop pretending!” She then ordered Kaly to help Amilese undress. She sat on the bed, watching Kaly’s nervous hands work as Amilese stared intensely at her. When Amilese was naked, Avestine dragged her back onto the bed.

Amilese eased down onto Avestine’s face, holding the bed’s headboard and begging for Avestine. Suddenly, Amilese groaned, and a cry caught in her throat. She arched and screamed before falling forward limply.

Avestine forced Amilese to her back and hissed, “Does that act work with men?”

“I don’t know what you mean,” answered Amilese with a weak smile. She shifted uncomfortably against the ferocious grip.

“Tell me what you like.”

“I like everything, Excellency.”

Avestine squeezed Amilese’s arms. “I won’t suffer a liar in my bed.”

She pushed Amilese to the floor, but Amilese begged to return. “I’ll do whatever you want.”

“If you pretend again, I’ll send you back to the street.”

Amilese crawled into bed. She caught herself smiling and quickly stopped. The look of panic brought a grin to Avestine’s face. Fear was good enough. There wasn’t any point in trying to explain the subtleties of power to Amilese. Avestine had long ago given up trying to understand the thoughts of those whose lives depended on placating a master.

She reached a hand between Amilese’s legs and slid through the wetness, glad the girl was aroused and determined to find what might satisfy that desire. “I’ll lick you until you can’t take anymore, if that’s what you want,” said Avestine. “Or screw you with my hand. Just tell me what you want.”

“Lick me.” When Amilese spread her legs, the smell of sex and the sight of her small, perfect labia made Avestine’s heart race. She settled her mouth into the softness, drawing the little lump of swollen flesh into her mouth and tickling it with her tongue.

Amilese wasn’t moaning as she had earlier. Instead, little gasps erupted from her, and her body strained, her muscles growing tighter and tighter. When Avestine slid a finger into her, Amilese squirmed and pushed it away. So Avestine wiggled a finger into the tighter hole, and Amilese cried out with joy.

Her rocking hips began to rotate, trying to feel more deeply. Avestine forced another finger into her, fighting against the tight ring of muscle, and every stretch elicited a groan of pleasure from Amilese, who drew her legs together around Avestine’s head. She began to moan in rhythm as Avestine stirred her fingers, poking the smooth walls and stretching the tight muscle and sucking the throbbing clitoris.

Amilese grasped Avestine’s hair with both hands and gyrated, bearing down on her hand. She murmured, and when her body quivered on the edge of climax, her final inhibitions fell away and she cried out, “Yes, yes, my queen.” Her climax rolled through her slowly until she lay quivering. A flush mottled Amilese’s chest and her face was shiny with sweat.

“You screw like a starving animal,” said Avestine.

“I’m sorry.”

“I meant that in a good way.” Avestine left the bed for her table, where she sat down in a chair and set one foot on the table. She told Amilese to come to her and get down on her knees, and without any further instruction, Amilese arrived, knelt, and pressed her face between Avestine’s legs.

The small head bobbing, the warmth swathing her, and an occasional glimpse of the eager tongue stirred her blood like few things could. She spread her labia with her fingers so she could see more of Amilese’s mouth working, and then she found paradise for the first time in many weeks.

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