Darklaw – Compendium Edition Cover Background

Darklaw Compendium Edition | Cover WIP Background Detail

You’re wrong, you know. Some people are innocent. I know because I’ve killed many of them.

Avestine (Darklaw)

Creator Notes

I’m working on the cover for the new edition of Darklaw. The new edition (3rd) will be a compendium issue with short stories, illustrations, and world detail added to the newly-edited novel.

This image is the background digitally painted in Procreate. Most of it will be covered with the characters, so I wanted to share the full thing. This is the advantage of digital painting. Layers means I can create each part of the image separately and then combine. I’ll have to do work on the final combined image, of course (shadows, edges, color corrections), which means more work in the long run. But it gives me flexibility to change my mind about so many things.