Darklaw Compendium – Character Portraits

Darklaw Compendium Edition | Cover WIP with detail of Kami, Avestine, Rook

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Creator Notes

Click the image to see it HUGE in all its glorious detail. I spent a lot of time getting Avestine’s skin looking terrible.

This is a portrait of the main characters as they appear in Darklaw (for those of you following the sequels Darklord and Demonfell, some things have changed). This image will be used for the 3rd edition book cover. I painted the characters in Procreate. There are few things as enjoyable as sitting on my couch with my iPad Pro painting in Procreate. I can go all day — or until I have to recharge the battery of my pad or pencil. The print version will likely be rather small, but I worked at a high resolution anyway to get the detail I love so much. Procreate is phenomenal.

I’m also working on black & white illustrations for the new edition in Clip Studio Paint. Why the difference? I don’t think CSP is better for B&W exactly, but the work space fits me better for grabbing pens and sizing things. When I paint, it’s just me and a canvas (digital), and a few favorite brushes (four to be exact). It’s been a joy to return to the origin story even as I’m continuing the webserial and webcomic. It’s been a busy summer (you can find more about my other activities on my blog), but it feels like I’m getting my creative rhythm back.

I will be winding up the first chapter of the webcomic as it merges with the continuing webserial, so look for that this fall. You can follow this blog to get emails about new posts or follow me on Twitter, where I post links.