Darklaw – Avestine and Kami at Avjakar

Darklaw. Avestine and Kami at Avjakar. Pencil.

That’s all right, little one. Hundreds of people watched you beg like a rutting cat. You don’t need my respect, and I don’t need your love. You’ll do what you’re told. That’s all.

Avestine (Darklaw)

Excerpt | Darklaw

“It’s bad. I can’t stop it.”

“I know,” Avestine whispered back, feeling suddenly tender. The sensation frightened her, and she wrapped Kami’s body around her again.

As Avestine’s tongue compulsively plunged into the heat of the young mouth, Kami caught and dragged her teeth across it, and then began to suck it. Avestine’s fingers groped between Kami’s legs, parting the curls and finding her clitoris, swollen and sensitive to touch. 

Avestine sucked Kami’s earlobe and then moved down to chew the cord of her neck. When Kami began to writhe, Avestine whispered, “I want to eat you.”

“You can do anything you want.”

Avestine caught her breath at the unexpected offer.

“I was remembering you today,” muttered Kami. “When you came to Featherwood. When you were with Domna. I remember the things you said. Your voice. I liked it even as a child. It’s like smoke and fire. Sometimes, I imagine what you say to me.”

“You spend a lot of time imagining.”

“The sound of you. You’re full of dogs. Anger, lust. I doubt you know the difference.”

Avestine smiled. “Do you care? You’re as content to provoke as to pleasure me.” Avestine expected a smile in return, but Kami was looking into the past.

“You put Domna on her knees. You made her eat you.”

“Do you like it when I make you do things?”