Darklaw – Avestine and Kami at Arrowreign

Darklaw. Avestine and Kami at Arrowreign. Pencil.

I’m beginning to think that freedom isn’t about doing what I want but having what I need. And I never seem to have what I need. No matter where I go, something’s always missing.

Kami (Darklaw)

Excerpt | Darklaw

The clicking of hooves on the stone road leading toward the sea was hypnotic. Kami’s thoughts drifted, until she was in a memory from home, a day long ago when she had been in the hills near Agate Bay overlooking the red sand beaches.

She recalled having composed a song about Avestine’s great victory there. Kami had not played a dulcimer in years and had found little time to sing. She missed hearing music. She remembered the drums and the chorus of men from Harvest Festival when she was at Riverside. She let her head sway with the memory of the beat. When her mind drifted to the memory of dancing, she found herself breathless and tightened her sweaty grip on her reins.

Avestine had moved out from the queue of horses to let them pass, moving in next to Kami, who felt her nearness like fire. Avestine’s predatory instincts seemed especially keen when it came to Kami’s arousal.