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Darklaw – Episode 61

Avestine sighed. “I see.” She touched Kami’s chin and smiled indulgently. “Women don’t need to be protected. They need work and pleasure, and I give them both.”


Darklaw – Episode 60

Maybe to a man the sight of blood can mean only death, but to a woman, blood is life. It’s the first thing that tells us we are women. Our own blood, not another’s, is a sign of power. It promises a future.


Darklord – Episode 6

VERIS SAT ON the balcony of the suite of rooms he shared with his mother. It was past sunset, but torches provided light from steady flames. The night remained windless. Beneath the floor ran a…


Darklord – Episode 5

Content Warning: consensual sexual violence Darklaw Episode 5 intersects with Demonrise Episodes 14-20 KAMI’S BARE FEET pressed against cold stone. Her right hand touched the wall in rhythm to each step before she paused to…


Darklaw – Episode 59

HE LEFT, AND by the time he returned, she was falling asleep. He woke her and had tea brought. She sat with him at the table, where he set down a very old and weathered…


An Erotic Memoir – Divenire

There have been times in my life when I felt men were my enemy, but men are just the competition. As a woman who passionately loves women, I’m always forgetting those desires aren’t common. Most women prefer men.