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Darklord – Episode 2

AVESTINE STARED OUT a window made of smooth pink glass. Her private library overlooked the palace courtyard where a sparkling crystal menagerie of red animals walked through a mountain vista of painted brownstone. Scrolls and…

Episode 20 Demonfell Demonrise Epic Fantasy Webcomic LGBTQ

Demonrise – Episode 20

Transcript NARRATOR: Morning brought the sunrise, but in a land of ice and snow palace rooms allowed little access to the elements. The room remained dark, warmed only by two fires. NARRATOR: Through the dim…

Episode 19 Demonfell Demonrise Epic Fantasy Webcomic LGBTQ

Demonrise – Episode 19

Silence, Timur! And you will lie still, Child, or I’ll tie you to the bed posts.


In the Shadows of Gods – Episode 2

She would have Rook and Kami back as they should be: obedient and using their gifts for her benefit. She would send the gods from the world. She would send them to hell.


Darklaw – Episode 42

KAMI FOUND LITTLE to enjoy in Sahrdon, but she liked the palace courtyard, a square area surrounded by a heated marble portico. Melted snow left a ring of bare dirt around the yard, and Kami…


Darklaw – Episode 41

The Essanti follow the ancient teaching, their training a mystical show, using symbols for instruction. But the archetypes don’t need the lies of generations. There is a truth here she didn’t wish you to know. You can still be saved, Kami.”


Stilicho’s Son – Episode 36

Fear has different colors. Where it had been the blackness of death that drove me to Volusian’s house in the first place, now it was the slavish gray of a life indebted to him that…


Stilicho’s Son – Episode 35

New episode #roman #HistoricalFiction “You owe your pretty boys and gold cups and your entire pitiful existence to us, and I’d rather spend one evening with any filthy, horse-fucking German than another moment at your fine Roman table.”